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10 Fabulous And Rocking Hairstyles for Young Chic

From parties to wedding, this article contains tutorial of 10 of the most stunning and amazing hair styles for young girls and teenagers. When getting ready for a wedding, the hairstyles which generally goes with the ethnic wear and expensive jewelry and makeup makes you look older than your age. This post is dedicated to the young girls and has 10 amazing hairstyles which will make them look much younger and attractive.

Straight Hair With a Tiara In The Front:

Braided hair in the front gives a very princess-y look. A puff can also be added at the end of the braid, this will give your face an oval shape.

Braided Veil:

This look really tough and time taking but it is rather easy. Long hair with pastel shades will carry this hairstyle stunningly!

Ponytail with twisted braid and bow:

This style will give a simple ponytail a very rich and decent look and is basically for casual parties, it will not go for the wedding because nobody wears a pony. It is very intricate and will compliment a ball-gown look.

The Zig-Zag Fishtail:

This hairstyle is very time taking and has to be done with a lot of patience. Anywho, it is worth the time and effort and will give a very prim and proper kinda look!

Princess Braided Tiara with Messy Hair:

This one is the same as the one where tiara was in the front. It is good to go for the medium length hair.

Messy Bun:

It is widely believed that buns and updos are for women and not for girls, but actually if girls do their hair into a bun, it adds cuteness and beauty to their face, some fringes and bangs would be cherry on the cake!

Straight long hair with a puff:

No matter how many intricate hairstyles you try,long flowing hair do adds beauty to your face even more. This is among the classic looks which are great for long hair and also straight!

Loose Flirty Curls:

Some of you might have straight long hair and you might start hating the monotonous look, adding loose curls to you straight hair will change your look for better and will be as attractive as ever!

Side Fishtail Braid:

This hairstyle is among the simplest and the most gorgeous ones. It can even go well in any look from formal as in a casual office look to informal weddings or party!

Curly Hair with braided twist:


This hairstyles screams attention and can work great for people who have got highlights!