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10 Hacks For High Heel Lovers

High heels. We all love them, but let’s be real, they aren’t the most comfortable shoes in the world. Between the blisters, the achy knees, and the stubbed toes, high heels can cause some serious damage. So, why do we ladies wear them all the time? Because we’re obsessed with them! And because they make our legs look good. I get it and now, you don’t have to choose between being comfortable and looking cute with these 10 high heel hacks:

Pay Attention To The Kind Of Shoes You’re Buying

An easy way to feel better in high heels is to make sure you only buy a comfortable pair. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, not a lot of people can tell whether a high heel will be painful or not. Well, here are a couple of little hacks. A thick heel is more comfortable than a heel that’s thin. An open-toed heel is more comfortable than a closed-toe heel because it’ll help relieve pressure on your feet. 

Take Advantage Of Ice

Are you trying to break in your new (tight) high heel shoes? Sure, you could wear them and deal with the pain for a while. Or, you could use something you have in your very own fridge — water. Fill a plastic bag with water, put the bags on your shoes, and then place them in the freezer (with the bag on top). Leave them in there for about 5 hours so there’s enough time for the water to stretch them out. Once you take them out, leave them to thaw in an area that’s room temperature before you put them on your feet. 

Don’t Forget Your Fuzzy Socks

A simpler way to stretch your shoes is to wear socks with your heels on. Did you just get a new pair of heals? Before you even walk outside with them on, walk around your home. Breaking them in, while wearing your favorite pair of fuzzy socks, will make the process way easier on your feet. Plus, you’ll avoid blisters thanks to the protection from your socks. 

Clean Your Shoes With Bread

We all have that pair of suede shoes that we completely ruined after wearing them outside in the dirt and mud. Well, what if I told you that pair wasn’t actually ruined? You can clean suede shoes with crusty bread. Yes, bread! You can also use white vinegar to remove wine or oil stains on your shoes, too.

Sandpaper Your Shoes First

There’s nothing more embarrassing than skidding/sliding all over the floor because you’re trying to rock a new pair of heels. Avoid the embarrassment (and the skid marks) by sandpapering the soles of your shoes before wearing. All you need to do is take a sheet of sandpaper and gently rub the bottoms of your new shoes with it. Be very careful, though. You don’t want to rub your shoes too rough with that sandpaper — that could ruin your shoes if you’re not careful.

Get Rid Of Scratches With Moisturizer

You know those scratches you have on your leather heels? Don’t just ignore them and hope they’ll go away. Use moisturizer to make those marks disappear altogether. Personally, I don’t recommend using expensive moisturizer on your leather shoes. You don’t want to waste your favorite lotion. A less expensive moisturizer will provide you with the same results. 

Use Deodorant To Prevent Blisters

You can get rid of blisters before they even have a chance to form. How? By rubbing your feet with clear deodorant before you put on your shoes. Where do you typically get blisters? Around your toes and your heals, right? Apply clear deodorant to those areas, let them dry, and then slip on your favorite pair of shoes.

Additional Hack: You can use lip balm instead of gel deodorant and still get the same outcome.

Try Using Cotton Balls

Cotton balls?! Yup, those white puffy balls you have laying around your home can actually be used as somewhat of a pillow. All you have to do is place one or two under your toes before you put your heels on. This is easier to do when you’re wearing closed toed shoes, though because the cotton ball won’t be obvious to other people.

Prevent Sweat With Dry Shampoo

Avoid athletes foot, infections, and even more calluses by spraying your feet with dry shampoo. It’s not just for your hair! Dry shampoo can do wonders on your feet, too. And by wonders I mean it’ll stop your feet from sweating. Even while you spend all day running around in the humidity, your feet won’t sweat. What a hack!

Don’t Wear Your Shoes Too Much

You might be tempted to wear your shoes all the time. I get it. You like them and you love the way they look. You still don’t want to wear them constantly No more than two days in a row. Take a couple days off between wearing and not wearing your shoes so that your heels have some much-needed time off. The only way to avoid blisters is to not overwear your shoes — high heels included.