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10 Morning Rituals To Start Your Morning Off Right

Do you have a morning ritual?

Odds are, you probably don’t. You just wake up, frazzled, and do your best to get to work on time without spilling your venti iced coffee. That’s no way to start your morning. The mornings are incredibly important because they set up how the rest of your day will go. If you want to make sure your day is a successful and happy one, use these morning rituals to kickstart your day:

Set Your Alarm 5 Minutes Earlier

Everyone presses the “snooze” button at least a few times a week! It happens. The issue is when you press the snooze button so much so that you end up having to rush around. Rushing is honestly the worst thing you can do in the mornings. It forces you to glaze over your appearance which can completely ruin your self-confidence. We look good when we feel good. Set your alarm at least 5 minutes early so you can really make sure you’re giving yourself time to be put together!


Sleep is good for the mind, but it can be rough on the body. If you’re anything like me, you move around in your sleep. Waking up might feel like a chore when your neck and back are sore. Don’t just hop out of bed the second your alarm goes off. Stretch your limbs while you’re laying there. Bring your arms over your head and make yourself long. You can even take a few deep breaths to help relieve any tension you might be feeling.

Jump In The Shower

You might be more of a night shower person, but you should re-think that. Showering in the morning is a great way to help naturally wake yourself up. The water shocks your system and helps get your circulation moving, so you’ll feel more awake. If you really don’t want to shower, just splash some cold water on your face and body — it should work about the same.

Give Yourself 10 Minutes Off

Checking our phones when we wake up in the morning is a habit most of us have. And while you might want to get a head start on your work emails and text messages, it’s important to realize that there’s work time and then there’s personal time. The first few minutes you have in the morning aren’t for work — they are for you. Give yourself at least 10 minutes from when you wake up in the morning to focus on yourself and leave your phone alone.

Play Some Music

If you live alone, why shouldn’t you blast music in the mornings? It’s a great way to get your brain moving, while also putting you in a great mood. You don’t have to turn the music all the way up to 11, you can put your headphones in or you can just play some soft jams. You might not realize it, but music really does have the power to positively alter your mood.

Open Your Blinds

Sunlight is your body’s best friend! It helps your body know it’s morning so it can naturally transition from night to morning. Basically, sunlight is what makes it possible for you to wake up in the mornings. If you’re keeping your blinds closed and relying on artificial light to wake you up it’s no wonder the mornings might be a struggle. Open up your blinds before you go to bed so the light will shine through.

Do Something Active

You don’t have to go to the gym every single morning to increase your mental processing speed. You can do something as simple as a walk in place for 30 seconds, take a quick walk around your neighborhood, or just do some push-ups and sit-ups. Some type of exercise will help you feel awake in the morning and also give you an added energy boost.

Create A Plan For The Day

While you’re stretching in bed, taking a shower, or doing whatever it is you do in the morning, create a plan for the day. What do you absolutely have to get done today? It can be work or personal. It’s good to have an idea of where your day is headed so you’re more prepared. There’s nothing more annoying than forgetting what you have to, 10 minutes before you have to do it.

Treat Yourself

When you’re making a plan for your day, pencil in a little something for yourself. Make time to treat yourself every single day. It doesn’t necessarily need to be huge and elaborate, but having something to look forward to will not only make the day go by faster, but it’ll also make the day more bearable. You can treat yourself with 30 minutes of quiet time, or an after-work happy hour. It’s completely up to you!

Start On A Positive Note

How you start your day defines how the rest of your day plays out. If the first thing you do is read an annoying email or something unpleasant on the news, it’s going to put a dent in the morning — and the rest of the day. Don’t introduce negativity into your life right when you wake up. Instead, read a positive quote or maybe just say something nice to yourself. You’re not going to have an hour to read a chapter from a book, all you need is a line or verse to get your morning going the right way.