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10 Ways To Master The Celebrity “No-Makeup” Look

When it comes to perfectly applying makeup, we all wish we had Kylie Jenner level skills. I mean, she’s barely 21 and she’s created an entire makeup empire based off her own routine. It doesn’t hurt that her skin is flawless. But even with flawless skin, it hardly ever looks like she’s wearing makeup. Why? Because she knows how to rock that no-makeup look. And now, you can too. Here are 10 ways to master the natural makeup trend:

Make Sure Your Skin Is Hydrated

The key to applying makeup is making sure your skin, in itself, is the best it can be. This starts with hydration. Skin needs to be hydrated in order to appear even and glowing. There are a few overnight hydration masks you can try, but what it ultimately comes down to is a good skincare routine. Washing your face regularly, applying toner, moisturizer (maybe even a Vitamin C serum at night) is going to do wonders on your skin. So is a healthy diet. Becuase as I’m sure you know, how you look on the outside is a direct result of how you feel on the inside.

Avoid An Exfoliant

This should go without saying but you should wash your face before you apply any makeup. Just don’t exfoliate. If the word “exfoliator” is on any bottle of yours, don’t use it. At least, not right now. That’ll only add redness to your face and that’s not the kind of complexion you want when going for the no-makeup look. Exfoliate at night before bed so your skin has time to heal.

Don’t Forget The Primer

Before you put on any makeup at all, you need a good primer to set your face and make sure the makeup goes on smoothly. Mario Badescu has a facial spray/primer that’s absolutely perfect. Mixed with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater, this facial spray will refresh and hydrate your skin while also working as a primer for your makeup.

Go Easy On The Foundation

You can completely opt out of foundation when going for the no-makeup look. But if you’re not comfortable with that, make sure you’re using a foundation with a natural finish. That way, you’ll have full coverage without it looking like you have full coverage. When applying your foundation put a little under and around eyes, on your nose, chin, and forehead. Then, smoothe the makeup out with your foundation brush.

Use The Right Concealer Brush

The first thing you should pay attention to when applying your makeup is the brush you’re using. Concealer is a great way to hide blemishes, redness, or even the circles under your eyes. Just make sure you’re using a flat brush for blemishes and something much smaller (maybe even your fingers) for underneath your eyes. Also, focus on using a lightweight hydrating concealer so it’ll blend even more into your skin.

Mute Your Blush

We all love rosy-cheeks. But they may not be the best idea when you’re going for the no-makeup look. Instead of leaving your blush bright and full of color, mute it a little. Go over the color with a foundation brush to create a softer, natural look.

Brown Eyeliner Is Best

You don’t necessarily need eyeliner. However, if eyeliner is your favorite thing in the world go ahead and use it. Just make sure you opt for a brown pencil instead of black. Brown will help define your eyes while still keeping your look soft and natural. Be cautious of how much you’re putting on because too strong of an eye will take away from the no makeup look. Same with mascara. The lighter the better!

Get Rid Of Makeup Creases

How can you get rid of those annoying makeup creases around your eyes? Eyeshadow primer, of course! A good eyeshadow primer will blend in perfectly with your skin (because it’s a nude color), get rid of makeup creases and any redness you might have around your eyelids. The best part? You won’t need eyeshadow. One less step!

Brow Sculpting Pencil

Eyebrows matter and a sculpting pencil should be a part of your everyday makeup routine. Maybe more than anything else on this list. Why? Because your eyebrows shape your entire face. They highlight the features on your face and help make your eyes POP. Luckily, having slightly wild eyebrows is a makeup trend so you don’t have to worry about perfecting your brows. Messy is in! Just make sure you’re giving them a nice little brush-up!

Lip Balm

Don’t you dare reach for that bright lip gloss or red lipstick, okay? Not when you’re trying to pull of a no makeup look. Instead, find your ideal nude color. A soft, almost colorless shade of lipstick will look best with this look. Or, you can stick to a sheer lip balm that’ll slightly boost the color your lips naturally have.