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11 Fall Makeup Trends That Are Amazingly Low-Key

When most people think of makeup trends, they think big, bold (and expensive) looks — cat eyeliner, red lips, glitter, etc. And while those looks are okay, the must-have fall makeup trends this year are pretty low-key. Which is perfect for all of us lazy makeup-lovers who don’t want to spend too much time, and money, on makeup. Here are 11 low-key makeup trends you should adopt this fall:

Cool, Subtle Cheeks

People have been wearing basically no blush for a while now — it’s all apart of the “no makeup” look. However, this fall is all about adding a little color to the cheeks by picking a blush that matches the natural rosy-tone cheeks turn when they’re cold. This look will add a pop of color to your face, while still helping it maintain a natural glow.

Low Key Contouring

Bold countering is officially dead — at least for now. Yes! Forget waking up hours beforehand in order to contour your face so all of your best features really look like your best features. Fall 2018 is all about low key contouring. So low key that the naked eye could miss it. You want to enhance the natural shape of your cheekbones but in a very low-key way! Hint: Use minimal makeup, with fewer strokes!

Brown Eyeshadow

Okay, so you might be a little hesitant to put brown eyeshadow on your face. I understand that completely which is why you shouldn’t pick a solid brown color. Pick a color with a brown hue. Maybe a burnt orange or even a yellow tinted brown. Don’t be afraid to experiment and consider your pigment when choosing colors.

Halfway Eyeliner

You might be in the habit of putting black eyeliner around your entire eyelid. Here’s the problem with that look — it has little to no effect. What I mean is, it doesn’t make your eyes pop in the slightest. But, putting eyeliner on half of your eyelid (top and bottom) sets off the eye and helps it look bolder. Plus, if you have round eyes it’ll help them look more almond shaped.

Blue Eyeliner

Speaking of eyeliner, people are really starting to experiment with eyeliner color and honestly, it’s a vibe. Blue eyeliner, purple eyeliner, and green eyeliner can perfectly complement the shade of your face while helping you create a new look without you having to do too much. Do you have a big event coming up and you want to spice up your look, experiment with eyeliner.

No Mascara

No mascara? Just another step we can skip and still remain stylish. The reason for this fall trend is so you can really play with your eyeshadow and liner. As I said, fall is all about colors and forging the mascara option will help the color you choose to apply on your eyes become that much more noticeable.

Two-Toned Lips

What are two-toned lips? They’re when you use two colors (that are pretty similar) on your lips to create a more high-fashion look. As I said, the colors should be just about the same — maybe a one or tow shade difference. Let your bottom lip be two shades darker than your top lip and pick a rather natural color to help keep the look more seasonal.

Full & Textured Brows

Men aren’t the only ones who can participate in No Shave November, you can too by letting your eyebrows grow out a little bit. Save money this fall by canceling your usual waxing appointment so your brows can become full and bushy. You can maintain your brows this fall, but don’t go too crazy. Thin brows and definitely penciled brows are old news!


Pink is a popular color this fall! It’s a must for clothes, shoes, hair, and now makeup! Whether you want to try pink eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, or lipstick — pink is a color you’re going to see everyone wearing this season. Might as well join them, right? Thankfully, pink looks good on pretty much anyone; regardless of their skin tone. All it takes is a good amount of confidence, but if you have that you’re unstoppable!

Smudgy Lips

You know that look when you put your lipstick on in the morning and by 1 pm it’s all smudged and barely noticeable? Well, that look is a new fall trend. Call it smudgy lips, the blotched look, or blurred lipstick, this natural look isn’t hard to create. Put on a layer of sheer, lipstick and simply bloat it with a napkin or tissue to give the effect that it’s been on your lips for a long time. Out of all the fall trends, this has to be my favorite because of how cozy this look appears.

Bare Skin With A Lot Of Drama

Lately, makeup trends have been focused on adding bright, bold colors. And let’s face it, that trend isn’t ending anytime soon. But it is shifting because of the new, fall season. The difference between incorporating colors in the summer and incorporating them in the fall is that now, you want to create more of a softer look. You can definitely still add colors on your bare skin but make sure the colors represent the season; navy, gold, violet, green, etc. And if you’re going to wear foundation and concealer, opt for a pale color so your skin looks very bare.