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11 Gifts For The Person In Your Life Who Loves Coffee

Hopefully, you’ve started your holiday shopping this year. If not, you might want to hurry up because Christmas will be here before you know it! Thankfully, we have a list of gift ideas that are perfect for anyone who loves coffee (which…C’mon, is pretty much everyone). In need of some Christmas ideas? Here are 11 coffee-inspired gift ideas that’ll put a smile on anyone’s face:

Frank Body Mini Coffee Body Scrub

This 100% natural and vegan coffee scrub is brought to you by Frank Body  the maker of some of the most natural beauty products on the market. This coffee scrub is perfect for the coffee lover in your life who also likes to take care of their skin. The Frank Body Mini Coffee Body Scrub exfoliates, fights against breakouts, and also tones and firms the skin to create a fresh and even look.

Ember Coffee Mug

Ember is an intelligent mug designed with the idea that temperature matters! Pairing with an app on your phone, Ember lets users select their ideal drinking temperature, save their settings, and receive notifications when their ideal temperature is reached. This gift is slightly on the pricey side but it’s a great option for anyone who loves their coffee hot. From the first sip to the very last drop, coffee enthusiasts deserve a warm cup of joe at all times!

Coffee Survivor Kit

This survivor kit is perfect for the coffee lover who also has an adventurous side. Containing delicious Workshop coffee beans, a hand grinder, a portable pot, fuel logs, and two stainless camping cups this is quite the gift for the person in your life who spends a lot of time outside! The Coffee Survivor Kit also comes in a canvas carrying case that can be taken anywhere…even in the woods.

The Coffee Bar Soap

Everyone loves starting their morning off with coffee. After all, coffee is key to a good day! But, drinking coffee isn’t the only way to get some much-needed energy — using it on your body is a great option, too. Coffee provides age-defying antioxidants which make it great for your skin! Not to mention, The Coffee Bar soap is 100% organic and will wash the toxins away!

Cuban Coffee Beard Balm

Do you have a friend or family member with a beard? This Cuban Coffee Beard Balm is made with Cuban coffee extract that’ll keep beards smooth and ready for styling. This balm also smells really, really good!

Coffee iPhone Case

If you have someone who loves coffee more than anything, why not gift them a phone case with the words coffee written on it?! These cases are pretty easy to find, but here’s one of our favorites from Society6. Everyone needs an iPhone case and this one won’t break the bank!

Cooper Cow Mug Coffee Gift Set

The perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life! This Cooper Cow Mug Coffee Gift Set includes a mug and an 8 oz bag of coffee (Cooper Cow’s signature blend that comes from an organic farm and is absolutely delicious). Both microwave and dishwasher safe, this cow mug isn’t just for the people you know who love cows — anyone would enjoy this set!


HyperChiller is the most effective way to chill wine, spirits, shots, and! Whether you want to turn hot coffee into iced or you want to keep your iced coffee chilled, this product will come in handy! Does the person you’re gifting have a Keurig? The HyperChiller can go under the Keurig and straight into your beverage. What’s the best part? It only takes about one minute to chill.

Asubo Portable Cold Brew Machine

This portable, hassle-free cold brew machine is the perfect gift for anyone with a cold brew obsession. Do you have a friend who’s always working or running around but NEEDS coffee to function? Gift them this Asubo Portable Cold Brew Machine they can take anywhere. This machine even comes with a spill-proof mug so the beverage can be enjoyed anywhere, without fear of dripping.

Coffee Bean Village Candle

If you’re going to buy a candle for a coffee-loving friend, you better make sure the candle truly smells like coffee. This Coffee Bean candle smells exactly like fresh ground coffee beans which means lighting this candle will make it seem as if you walked right into a coffee shop.

Coffee Subscription

Beauty boxes and monthly book subscriptions aren’t the only gift ideas you should know about this season! If you have a friend or a family member that loves coffee, why not sign them up for monthly subscription box? Bean Box is one of our favorites because the coffee comes from Seattle’s top-rated roasters and the blends are delicious. Plus, the price is right. You can get started at only $19/month or you could buy single coffee gifts from Bean Box that’ll please everyone!