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12 Celebrity Couples You Probably Never Knew Existed


Instead of talking about all the celebrity breakups happening this year (the list is already too long for comfort), let’s talk about the celebrity couples you forgot even existed. Here are the celebrities you probably had no clue used to date each other:

Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Esposito

It feels like we’ve been hearing the name Bradly Cooper quite a lot recently! His directorial debut in A Star is Born is quickly making him even more famous than he already was. Jennifer Esposito, on the other hand, isn’t as much of a household name. But, her and Brandly still found their way down the aisle in 2006. Unfortunately, their marriage only lasted five months before they called it quits. Luckily, the duo seemed to have ended on positive terms.

Kim Kardashian & Damon Thomas

News Flash: Kim Kardashian has been married THREE TIMES. Her first husband, Damon Thomas, was a music producer. Kim was only 19 when they eloped and I can pretty much bet Kris Jenner wasn’t pleased about that one. Their marriage lasted four years before Thomas filed for divorce. When Kim opened up about her divorce to Damon she said he mentally and physically abused her. Thankfully, Kim is with Kanye now living her best life!

Peter Krause & Lauren Graham

911 star, Peter Krause and Gilmore Girls favorite, Lauren Graham aren’t married but they’ve been together for years! Did you know that? The two first met in 1995 when they appeared in the show, Caroline in the City. They didn’t start dating until 2010 though when they appeared on the show, Parenthood.