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12 Clever Costume Ideas You Should Totally Copy This Halloween

It’s almost Halloween! Which means it’s time to decide if you want to spend way too much money buying a costume or making one with the random materials you have at home. DIY sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? You don’t need to be a fashion designer to create a cool Halloween costume — these 12 clever costume ideas are easy to make and pretty dang funny, too:

Raining Men

It’s raining men. Halleluja! This costume is incredibly easy to create and requires very little creativity. First, get an umbrella. Then, print out pictures of your favorite celebrity men (Ryan Reynolds, Idris Elba, Justin Beiber, etc.). Tape, glue, or hang those pictures to your umbrella and voila, you’ve got raining men. To be even more “in costume,” put on your rain clothes — rain jacket, boots, etc.

Crazy Cat Lady

Are you a crazy cat lady? This costume will be the envy of everyone! All you have to do is dress up as a lady. Wear a long dress, maybe some flats or tennis shoes, and some big glasses. Stick stuffed animal cats all over your dress (yes, I’m serious). You can glue them on or pin them. Just make sure you’re really covered with cats!

Green With Envy

The perfect couple costume! One of you should wear all green, and the other should wear a shirt that says “Envy.” You can write the word on a shirt or even just wear a name tag. Then, hold your significant other’s hand the entire night so people are clear you’re “green with envy.” Get it? *laughing out loud*

Space Alien

I don’t think dressing like an alien will ever go out of style. And luckily, it’s not that hard. This costume relies more on accessories and makeup than anything else.

The easiest way to look like an alien is by putting your hair in two high buns (aka “space buns”), wear a bold color lipstick (a silver, purple, or gold) and then maybe add some space-powder glitter on your face. Galaxy makeup is going to be a must for this costume. For the outfit, you can wear all metallic colors or just space leggings/shorts. If you don’t have anything “space-y,” I’m sure you could find something pretty cheap online!

Fake News

2018 has been the year of, what? Fake news! This Halloween costume is very timely and will definitely make people laugh. You can wear pretty much whatever you want. A dress, a shirt, a skirt, shorts, whatever. Just make sure the word, “Fake” is somewhere on your clothes and that you attach newspaper clippings to your bottoms.

‘90s Aerobic Instructor

Odds are, you probably have most of this costume already. Leggings? Check. Legwarmers? Check. Headband? Check. Put all of those items on (the colorful, the better) and add a leotard! Put your hair in a high pony and pair with a thick headband and colorful scrunchie. Cute and retro!

Party Animal

This is by far one of my favorite DIY costumes! It’s cute, punny, and you can wear this costume with your significant other or a group of friends. All you have to do is put on a nice dress. It can be one you’ve worn to homecoming or even a dinner party. Then, just put on an animal mask. To complete the look, you should hold a wine glass, or balloons — something that adds a “party” element.

Devil Wears Prada

Who hasn’t seen this movie by now? It’s iconic. And now you can dress up as the movie that brought you so much joy. How? By dressing as a devil, wearing Prada. Put on your red horns, your black and red makeup, and wear your favorite Prada shirt. Don’t own a Prada shirt? No worries. Just write the word “Prada” on a piece of paper and glue it onto a black shirt. Yup, it’s that easy!

Kissing Booth

Another movie you can dress up as! The Kissing Booth movie was a hit this summer, so it’s no surprise couples are considering this as a must-have costume. Create a makeshift kissing booth with a card box and label it, “Kissing booth.” Then, walk around giving your significant other a smooch with the “kissing booth” sign in front of you. Bam! That’s it!

Morton Salt Girl

You know the girl on the cover of Morton Salt? Well, you can dress up like her. Put on a yellow dress, yellow shoes, and hold an open umbrella over your head (or you could just hold the umbrella, I wouldn’t want you to get bad luck for opening an umbrella inside).

Identity Theft

Probably the easiest costume on this list. Go to the store and buy a ton of nametags. Put different people’s name on the tags before sticking them to your shirt. Joe, Danny, Samantha, Amanda, Karl — the names don’t matter (although it would be fun to put your friend’s names on there). Just make sure your shirt is covered with other people’s “identities.”

Holy Guacamole

Everyone loves guacamole and guess what? You can dress like this delicious dipping sauce for Halloween. Yas! Put on a green shirt, print out some avocado pictures online, attach them to your shirt, and wear a halo and wings. Why the halo and wings? Because you’re HOLY guacamole….C’mon, you know that was funny!