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13 Fashion Trends We Are Loving in 2019!

This New Year, get ready for a shift. We’re not talking about your astronomical reading; but rather, your wardrobe. If your closet has been on the verge of sadness and in serious need of a pick-me-up, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Not only that, but you can expect to see some blast-from-the-pasts as well. And these are the types you won’t mind running into. So, get ready to cast your eyes on platform sandals, and funky pops of color- because things are about to get awesome.

For starters, many of our everyday clothing items will be dressed up or complimented with a variety of textures. Sounds pretty great, right? In addition, this year is all about showing off your own character. So, personal expression is a total win. And the best part of all; comfortable and sensible clothing will be a priority- all while maintaining fashion standards. Call us crazy, but this sounds like a dream.

If 2019 will be anything like the incoming fashion trends; it’s going to be a good one. Now, let’s take a peek at all the goodness on the horizon for our wardrobe:


Fluctuating Patterns


With tie-dye making its way back in, it’s about to get extra groovy. And for some of us, the trend never went away. But this year, even the biggest skeptics of Tie Dye will be loving this look. And I mean, how can you not?

After all, it carries those Peace and Love vibes, baby!


Get ready because Snakeskin will be on the streets in a big way. From sexy pants to bold shoes- you’ll be seeing this scaly print everywhere. However, with knowledge of animal cruelty on the rise; most prints will be created by designers, and not by our slithering friends.

As a result, snakeskin lovers of all kinds can partake.

Splashes Of Neon

Pops of color is one thing, but splashes of neon- even better. So, get excited and prepare to feel alive with this seasons rising colors. Now, we’re talking neon shoes, accessories and even full on body suits.

As a result of this eye-opening look, the year is already looking brighter!

Functional Bottoms

Cargo Pants

This day has finally arrived. Yes, cargo pants are back for the win, and it’s awesome! With that everyday comfort and pockets-of-plenty, we are thrilled with this trend. And it gets even better- because they can be dressed up or kept casual.

Ohhh, the flexibility.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are coming in hot within the new year! So, if you’re a fan of comfort and movement, you will definitely be happy with this upcoming trend. And because these babies are made out of sheer comfort, they’re a pair of shorts you’ll never want to change out of; and this time around- you can even wear them to work.

Consider them the new, everyday-yoga-pants.

Extra Texture

All That Fringe

Swinging Fringe will be smokin’ hot this year! And you’ll love the versatility- because they’ll make your statement bags sway with expression, and add to quirky shoe accents. Not only that, but shirts and dresses will come alive and make you want to move!

So, shake those shoulders in celebration of welcoming back the fringe.

Classic Crochet

The look of crochet is a favorite. And if you love macrame, it’s your time get excited; because there’s no doubt you’ll love the classic crochet!

And as a result of its laid-back, boho vibe- this fashion will be all the rage.

Shape Shifters

Puffy Sleeves

Pump, pump, pump it up. Because this year, sleeves will be made of fluff and every 80’s lover’s dreams. As a result, you can be certain this fashion stately will bring 2019’s trends to new heights. And we can’t wait!

Bold Shoulders

Shoulders will be taking on broader angles in 2019, and it’s a total win. So Think: extreme-business-woman, meets everyday-trendy-fashion. Because dresses, shirts, and pantsuits will hold a bigger statement with their new silhouettes, it will make dressing up much more effortless.

Fabulous Finishing Touch

Oversized Hats

From sassy-and-classy to fun-and-flirty; hats will be their own fashion statement this year. Because of their obvious convenience, turning a basic outfit into something photo-worthy will be easier than ever.

So, enjoy adding an extra flair to any ordinary outfit this year.

Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are back, and we couldn’t be more excited. Because of their unique character; they hold their own sass and are completely adorable. So, for anyone who likes added height to their attire, platform shoes are where it’s at.

As a result of their comfort, they can be worn on a daily basis.

Step It Up A Notch

It Suits You

This year, pantsuits and skirt suits will provide maximum comfort. So, you can expect to see this look anywhere from the streets to the office. In conclusion, a suit will be a lady’s best friend.


Dressed Up Casual Wear

There will be fewer hoodies and more blazers in 2019. As a result, everyday casual sportswear will be updated and dressed up for a fresh look in the new year; which will leave every style extra tailored.

In conclusion of our overview, it looks like 2019 will include some of every generation’s favorite trends; which makes it awesome.  So, there’s no doubt it’s a good time to dive into the fashion scene- because it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.