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21 Hair Hacks Every Girl Must Know

A good hair day everyday is literally the dream! No matter how much we want it, it may keep being an unreachable dream due to our rushed schedule. Here are some instantly doable 21 absolutely awesome hair hacks which will make you look different all together.


1.Giving your hair the wavy curl

For the ones who have medium-length to long hair, beachy hair would look the best for a light party occasion to sophisticated events. Now the main secret behind these amazing curls with a lot of volume and appeal is a simple curling iron and a technique. To achieve the beautiful wavy hair, Watch this amazing tutorial on how to get curly hair easily using a hair spray, a styling spray along with curling iron.

Hack source : littlemissmomma 

2. Cleaning your hair brushes


We all often succumb to laziness and fail to practice this very important habit but the truth is it is very important. The most common mistake people usually do is not cleaning the dirt, germs, conditioner, old hair and oil trapped brushes.Clean brushes would make sure your hair is fluffness free. This particular habit is a part of healthy hygiene. Cleaning the brushes would enhance their performances, extend lifetime and prevent germs from forming!

3. Brush up

When it comes to styling your hair, having the right brushes in your hand is very important! Be it curling, Smoothing, drying or doing the up dos, volumizing your hair or making them bounce or shine, the most important thing is the right brush. Brushes are usually designed from those made for particular extensions to those made for certain length and texture. And knowing what brush is right for your hair is important, hence, below is a link which would help you to know different kinds of brushes and the one which is apt for you. Check it out!

Hack Source: thebeautydepartment

4. The Perfect Side Swept Bang

This is an amazing look which gives off a youthful vibe. It suits almost every face shape.From formal events to parties, this is a rather sophisticated hairdo which is ultimately going to add to your charm. Achieving the bangs that sweep across your face to one side with perfection is what many may feel is hard. Here we have a very easy and doable method which will help you achieve it and you won’t be struggling anymore!

Hack Source: meganmikitablog

5. Fake bangs via a cute hair bun style. 

We all find ourselves in a situation where we desperately wished we had bangs but then refrain ourselves from actually having that haircut because of commitment issues. Well here is a simple way you can solve this without using scissors and only with a little turning and twisting of hair. Check out this amazing tutorial on getting these fake bangs and cherishing them for a night!

Hack Source: makeupwearables

6. A minute away from a longer and fuller ponytail

The best thing about ponytails is how they look so effortless and beautiful and actually convey about your personality! Its really quick to do it and also very easy for giving off a casual and fresh vibe. Especially on that lazy Monday morning when we don’t have much time usually because we are busy being lazy, it serves the best purpose and therefore here we have a tutorial on how to make them really fuller and voluminous to prevent yourselves from sporting a pony tail which is rather thin and less fluffy. Follow up this tutorial to get the amazing look with the most perfection!

Hack Source: makeup

7. No Heat Curl headband tutorial

Some of us are far too fond of curls and it may not be feasible to use curling iron and heating rods for serving their purpose all the time. You can achieve it without using these devices with almost no effort at all! This method of adding curls to your hair in a way makes it voluminous and heatlessly bouncy overnight! The heatband for achieving the fluffy and bouncy curls is so comfortable that it is completely okay if you sleep in it and wake up with a styles and gorgeous version of the woman that slept the other night.

Hack Source : thepapermama

8. Stylewise: Vintage Waves Tutorial

The vintage curls are always a go-to option for us because of their unfussy and sophisticated look. You just cannot fail to feel amazing and pull them successfully off in an event be it formal or informal. This stylewise lesson we have for you will teach you hoe to get these in few simple steps, check out.

Hack Source: thebeautysnoop

9. Fix Yo Mop: Fun With Bobby

Bobby pins are one of the things we can turn to since they give us a look of rather casualness, of pretty and also organized! With them we can achieve n number of hairstyles from simplest to the most complicated ones. Those are available in plethora but we can’t always find a unique way to employ these. Here is a followup which will lead to you way in which you can use them giving you a look of much simplicity.

Hack Source: muchomuchobuenonueno

10. Getting the Boho Look

Getting the amazing Boho look in just simple steps. Boho curls look amazing when hair looks all worn down or a little pinned away. From hitting a beach to spending a casual day to a night out, these curls will always have your back since they are always a trend in and never go out of style. These hair hacks would help you towards an amazing Boho look with the help of a curling iron.

Hack Source: divinecaroline

11. Wearing a bobby pin properly.

Bobby pins are the key and most integral part in holding your hair all together. But most of us often find oursleves complaining that they keep sliding out and give our hair a distorted look. Here is a fun fact: Bobby pins work effectively when they face a particular direction. Check out the ways you can wear bobby pin to get to holding them your hair with utmost perfection!

Hack Source: yummymummyclub

12. Cooking Curls

This trick will help you in achieving curly, bouncy and voluminous hair! Some of you may wonder that not all hair texture would support curls and would fail to retain for a long time but here we have for you a clever trick. We can use a curling iron without the use of hairspray or hair curlers. Follow up this technique and achieve smooth and soft curls with an aluminium foil and hair straightener.

Hack Source: happylittlehummingbird

13. Curling the short hair. 

Sometimes girls with short hair would want a different hairstyle giving them a look altogether different. You can achieve a new hairstyle by employing curls to your hair. Well, it may seem difficult to achieve it. You can use 5 minutes in the morning to curl up those hair and you will end up with gorgeous looking , sassy and youthful look. This trick will make your short hair achieve curls using a pair of iron plates.

Hack Source: xotheblush

14. Flat Iron the braids to make them wavy

There are many different ways to get curls and most the methods that help you achieve it require flat iron, here is another one. This can help you get the soft and smooth curls faster that the rest of the ways. All you should do is make braids off of you hair and flat iron them. This will give you long lasting and beautiful curls, follow up!

Hack Source: brit

15. Messy Chunky Beach Waves.

There is a reason why people go nuts over beach hair. Your hair looks beautiful when you have just been to the beach with the sun and wind in your hair and the curls you get are pretty, cute and simply irresistible. But how would you feel if you could achieve this mermaid hair without actually going to the beach? Here we are to help you with getting the amazing look in about 10 minutes which will just be a piece of cake for you.

Hack Source: thewonderforest

16. Using Spin Pins

These spin pins are a blessing in the form of corkscrew since it miraculously keeps your hair very much intact and gives a proper look. It may seem weird to use them at the first sight but they can be a great help in keeping those buns, up do or twists in place. This can be an easy substitute for 20 bobby pins! Learn how to use them following the link given below.

Hack Source: realgirlglam

17. Coconut oil treatment

We get so busy and racked up in our schedules that sometimes we may forget the proper nourishment our hair would be in great need of. Brushing up is not the only thing you should be doing before starting your day. Oiling is very important as it helps in restoring the nourishment that your hair might have lost in the interval. Coconut oil is the best when it comes to taking proper care of your hair. With this tutorial, learn how to restore freshness of your hair using coconut oil.

Hack Source: howdoesshe

18. Trimming Split Ends at home


The key to having long and bountiful hair is having regular trims and getting your split ends removal regularly in 2-3 months. This practice allows your hair to grow without thinning or breaking away. You don’t need to go to the salon every time. You can take care of your split ends at home itself and get rid of them very easily. Check out the link below for the same.

Hack Source: ringfingertanline

19. Speed Bump

Sometimes we are not able to devote time to styling our hair before leaving for work and are in a rush, You dont have to go to work disoriented, we have an amazing hack for you to get a beautiful top knot in just a single minute. Just make sure to leave bobby pins in your purse for such emergencies.

20. Easy Hair updo

You might think you don’t have the skill to get yourself an amazing hairstyle, trying out the complex ones would be frustrating. Here we are to help you achieve a super trendy look without using any tools or hair products or expertise, just the right technique. You can simply tie your hair in a ponytail and twist it a bit , you have got yourselves an amazing look!

Hack source: yogabycandace

21. The Gym Hairstyle: Tired ponytail

When we are at gym, the last thing we would want is our hair troubling us in addition to those weights we have to pull. You can counter that and make your hair intact and in place all through your workout by this amazing hair style. This hairstyle would help you achieve a happy workout where you are jacked up with confidence. This sleek tired ponytail would prevent hair coming in your way to a good workout. Check out the link!

Hack Source: fashercise

With all these tips and tricks on getting a perfect hairstyle for yourself on so many different occasions would help you counter the challenge you face during these situations. These amazing and helpful trick will have your back everytime you are short on time or comfort!