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5 Hairstyles For Kid’s You Can Do In Less Than 5 Minutes

1. Low up do

1. This is one of the most easiest and formal hairstyle that could be attained by girls on any event held in school and is pretty simple too.

2. First of all do the partition of hair of hair equally and turn them into three short ponytails and try to keep them close.

3. Then pull your hair through the ponytail and try to create three looped buns.


4. Loop them in a way that it just covers the hair tie and always secure it with bobby pins and you are done to go to the event with this beauty full hair style.


2. Chignon

1. This may seem a little bit hard and complicated to you but if done cautiously you can be able to attain this hair style quickly and easily. This hair style is generally attained for ballet classes.

2. At the beginning do a low and flat ponytail and secure it with clear elastic.

3. This step is pretty confusing, for this step you have to separate hair above you ponytail and loop it through the opening.

4. Now flip the pony tail. Take the tip off the pony tail and loop it through the hair and secure it with bobby pins. For making it more beautiful you can add a bow or anything else you want.

3. Flower braid

1. This is one of the cutest and easiest hair styles and would take just few minutes.

2. First of all do the partition of your hair in upper half and lower half and turn the upper half into a pony tail and secure it with using elastic.

3. And now separate the hair above your pony tail and loop it through your hair and then start braiding it from the top of the pony tail and take it to the tip.

4. After the braid secure it with clear elastic at the end and then roll up the braid into a wheel and secure it with bobby pins.


4. Messy pigtail buns

1. Messy pigtails buns have always been in trend as they are considered as both formal and informal hairstyle and it pretty easy.

2. First of all do the half partition of your hair and turn the both half into high pony tails separately.

3. Now pull your hair throughout the elastic and turn the both into two looped buns.

4. Pull the strands of hair to make it look fluffier and then secure the bun using the bobby pins, if you want to be more creative with it add bows or ribbons to it.


5. Double braid

1. For this elegant hairstyle take a strand of hair from upper section and either part of your hair and start braiding it to the tip and secure it with clear elastic.

2. Then do half up partition of your hair and braid it like you have done with the strand.

3. keep in mind that it should be in center and then secure it with an clear elastic


4. You can add bow ribbons or other adornment in the braid for making it look more elegant.