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6 Small Makeup Tricks that give Major Results!

Makeup has the ability to completely change the appearance of your face. Whether it is slimming your face or making your face appear a less narrow. Be it anything, starting from slimming your nose to your big appearance of your eyes, makeup has the power to change totally in a different way. In order to slim your face, you can apply a bit of dark contour on your cheekbones and also along your jawline. In order to make your face less narrow, you can go for highlighting your cheekbones.

Below are 6 major tips which will be of great use to you in order to give you a good definition of your face.

  • Highlighting the right places

In all the right places, the highlighter should be applied. The inner corner of the eyes, the center of the lid and the underneath of the brow bone are to be highlighted in order to make your eyes really pop and intense.  You can also use a natural skin colored eyeliner in order to make your eyes look wide and awake.

  • Eyeliner is to be used to your advantage

You can draw and extend the liner from the corners of the eye. This will further help in making your eyes look more visible and wider and more beautiful. A thick-coated eyeliner is to be applied in case of hooded eyes. A dramatic winged liner is to be done by the people who possess almond eyes. Use eyeliner on both, the waterline and the top and bottom lash lines in order to properly open up your eyes.

  • Cheat your way to Fuller Lips

You got to start always with an exfoliator. In order to accentuate the upper ridge of yours, you can highlight the top of your cupid’s bow.  Before applying the lip color you got to apply the lipliner and draw your lips in an appropriate way for the best outcome.  Do choose a lip liner which is nearer to your lip tone.

  • Highlight, the go for Defining

At the center of your lips add a dab of your concealer or your highlighter in order to get an added pop on your lips. After you are done with the lip color and liner thing, do sweep concealer at the outer edges of the lips in order to get a well-defined pout.

  • Glossing your cheekbones

In order to get a shine on your cheekbones, you can use a lip gloss or you can pat a lip balm on your cheekbones. This does act as a contour and helps in lighting up the cheekbones.

  • Sculpt with Bronzer

In order to slim your face and to warm the features of your face, you should use a bronzer. You can also slimmer your nose by applying bronzer with a thin brush.