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8 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Hair Care


We are humans and we do mistakes including hair care. Hair needs more care than any other body parts. A healthy hair creates and attractive and gorgeous image. Nowadays hair loss is common and there are many factors that lead to hair loss like health, pollution, stress, weight loss and genetic factors. Stress is also the reason behind your hair loss as it may cause hormonal imbalance.

The cosmetic products which often didn’t work up to your expectations but by simply avoiding these mistakes will help you to achieve your dream hair.

Choosing the wrong shampoo

For getting healthy hair it’s very important to choose the right shampoo which suits on your hair type as the wrong choice of shampoo may harm your hair.


Washing your hair too often/not often enough

The frequent washing of hair can also damage your hair. Washing hair depends on your hair type, if your hair is oily then you should wash your hair once in every 1-2 days.

Applying shampoo incorrectly

The amount of shampoo used depends on the length of your hair. Make sure not to use too much shampoo as it may damage your hair strength. First take shampoo on your palm and rub it on your palm till you get foam and then apply it on your scalp in massaging movements.


The wrong water temperature

Using excess hot water for washing hair can damage your natural hair color and also activates the oil-producing glands. However getting cold water shower will improve the blood circulation at the hair roots and make your hair look smooth and shiny.

Drying your hair with a towel

Do not use a towel to dry out your washed hair as it may harm your hair follicles instead you can use your cotton T-shirt to dry your wet hair.


Frequent use of styling products

Frequent use of hair styling products such as Hairdryers, styling irons, and other similar appliances results in the loss of your hair fluid and make it dry and brittle. You can use a heat protective product before using these products.

Neglecting to trim your hair

In order to get rid of split ends, you need to get your hair trimmed at least once in two months.

Sleeping with your hair down

Prevent your hair from getting tangled and frizzy by braiding it before going to sleep. This will save your time while getting ready in the morning.