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8 Super-Easy Lazy Girl Hacks For Looking Good

Every girl desires to look good every day without getting up early to get the perfect makeup. Here are some tips on how to look glamorous every day without efforts.

1. Avoid using foundation and concealer on the whole place, apply only in the places where needed. 

2. Dampen your makeup sponge by using a primer before using foundation, to save time.

3. To get rid of oily look, apply translucent powder using a makeup sponge. 

4. Apply blush to the cheeks and eyelids to get a fresh look.

5. To help the liner to stay longer, use a liner as a primer for eyeshadow. 

6. To get fresh face effect instantly, use highlighter around eye and cheekbone. 

7. Use concealer in curved shape if you have fuller cheeks and in triangular shape if you have flat cheeks. 

8. To give you eye a wide look, curl your lashes