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9 Kardashian-Inspired Beauty Secrets We’re All Obsessed With

I can hardly go a day without hearing, or reading, the word “Kardashian.” The Kardashian’s (and the Jenner’s) are everywhere! And whether you hate them or love them you have to admit they’ve had an impact on you. You might not even realize it, but Kim and her famous family are style icons. They’ve helped identify what’s cool and what’s not. The fashion trends and beauty musts we follow have mostly been inspired by the Kardashian Klan. Don’t believe me? Here are 9 beauty secrets, inspired by the Kardashians, that you’re probably obsessed with:

Contouring Is Key

No one contours like the Kardashians! Kim is basically the queen of contouring. Before her, I didn’t even know what it meant — let alone how to do it. Contouring is the art of shading areas, with makeup, to define or reshape certain parts of your face. Kim and her sisters are rarely ever seen without contouring makeup (which is why they all look very similar). Kim even has her own line of makeup that offers a powder contouring and highlight kit. Do you contour your face? Go ahead and thank the Kardashians for making that act so mainstream!

You Should Even Contour Your Ears

Your ears? Yup! It might seem weird, but what people forget when they apply makeup is that everything needs to be the same color. You don’t want your face to be one color and your ears another. Or, your face to be one color and your neck to be another. That’s embarrassing! Especially if you’re trying to achieve the natural look. It’s crucial everything appears the same color.

Love Your Curves

The Kardashians have helped curvy women all over the world feel confident! Most people we see on television are all the same — very, very skinny. Sure, the Kardashians are fit but they have hips and butts (two things you don’t always see on the cover of magazines). The best part? They’re not afraid to flaunt it. Especially Khloe, she even created a line of clothing for the curvy woman called Good American. The Kardashians have helped a lot of women feel more comfortable with their assets!

Selfie, Selfie, Selfie

A lot of people think the Kardashians are vain. In all honesty, they probably are. But being vain every now and again isn’t such a horrible thing. We should love ourselves and think we look good enough to take a few pictures, in the form of selfies. Documenting a great hair day, a good makeup day, and a hot style moment doesn’t mean you’re conceded or full of yourself. It just means you like who you are, and there’s nothing wrong with taking a selfie when the mood strikes!

Lip Kits Can Enhance Your Face

Whether you want to enhance how big your lips look, give them some much-needed definition, or just add a pop of color, a good lip kit can completely transform the way you look. You know who taught us that? Kylie Jenner. Let’s be real, were people even focusing on their lips before Kylie Jenner launched her almost billion dollar company, Kylie Cosmetics? I don’t think so.

Only Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

The eldest daughter, Kourtney, was the one was said this and it’s actually some solid advice. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can do wonders on your skin. Silk prevents wrinkles and doesn’t clog your pores. Not to mention, it’s great for your hair too. If you have to choose between a regular pillowcase and a silk pillowcase, choose a silk one so you can avoid possible irritation.

You Should Always Switch Up Your Look

The Kardashians are forever changing their look (except Kourtney and Kendall, they pretty much always look the same). One day Kim will have long brunette hair and the next it’ll be blonde. Kylie is constantly going back and forth between a short bob and a long, blonde mane. The Kardashians have taught us the importance of switching up your look and not being afraid to do so. Wigs, extensions, weaves, are beauty secrets everyone’s obsessed with and for good reason — they allow you to be versatile!

Dry Out Your Pimples

Kylie Jenner has been an advocate for Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for quite some time now. And there’s a reason — that stuff works. The drying lotion is inexpensive and smells absolutely horrible (seriously, don’t be alarmed by the smell). Putting a little bit of the lotion on your pimple and leaving it on during the night will help you wake up blemish free the next morning.

Sometimes, You Have To Splurge

The Kardashians can splurge a little bit more than the average person. Okay…a lot more! But that doesn’t mean you can’t. You just have to be particular and do your research. Paying money for beauty products is crucial. The sad reality is that in order to look your best, you have to splurge on the right products. Remember: You pay for what you get. You can’t buy $10 beauty products and expect to have perfect skin. Nope! I’m definitely not saying you should spend hundreds of dollars on cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup every month. Be smart with your finances! But also be smart with your skin!