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9 Not So Known Side Effects Of Going On Birth Control

Most of us ladies have a love-hate relationship with birth control pills.  We love them because of the numerous health benefits; birth control pills can get rid of acne, help avoid unwanted pregnancies, and even cure heavy periods. But with all these health benefits come some unwanted side effects that you might not even know are possible — here are nine of them:

Severe Bloating

Bloating is a pretty common side effect of birth control.

Not every woman experiences water retention and bloating when starting a new birth control; which is why your doctor might not even advertise this side effect. Bloating, after all, isn’t a “huge deal.” And it typically subsides after a few months on the pill. But, if you have stomach issues like, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or another gastrointestinal tract disorder you might experience something a little more severe than feeling a little bloated. You could find yourself constantly constipated, nauseous, and just uncomfortable.  For some, these side effects go awhile. But a lot of women with digestive issues aren’t able to stand birth control pills at all.