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9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking A Break From Makeup

Makeup can help hide your blemishes and enhance your favorite features. For some, makeup is a must-have. And while you might’ve mastered the no-makeup look and how to apply makeup in less than 10 minutes, that doesn’t mean makeup is good for your skin. In fact, just the opposite. I’m not saying you should quit makeup cold turkey, but you should definitely consider taking a break (even if just for a couple days) and here’s why:

You’ll Have More Time

Imagine how much more time you’d have in the mornings if you weren’t applying makeup before you left the house. Makeup is time-consuming and unless you’re a pro, every once in a while you’re bound to put a little too much foundation on or apply a layer too deep of eyeliner. And when that happens, you’ll have to start from the beginning. How much time is that? 20-30 minutes? Why not take that time away from makeup and use it for something else — like, sleep.

Your Pores Will Shrink

If you have acne-prone skin, taking a break from makeup is really going to help you. You might not realize this but your pores end up absorbing the makeup you apply. This is what causes your pores to grow and clog up. Clogged up pores equal acne and the more makeup you wear, the more acne you’ll see. Taking a break from makeup every now and then will give your pores time to shrink.

Your Skin Color Will Improve

You already know taking a break from makeup can help your pores, but it can also improve the overall color of your skin. Makeup, including foundation, can dehydrate your skin which causes dryness and takes away from the overall glow of your skin. Taking a few days, or weeks, off will leave you looking refreshed and your skin rejuvenated.

You’ll Have Fewer Skin Reactions

How many of us can say we’ve NEVER had a reaction to a type of makeup? Not many. And that’s because not all makeup brands are the same and most skin types are different. Makeup, in a nutshell, is a chemical and it can cause irritation and rashes. Why always take the risk of breaking out?!

You Won’t Experience As Many Eye Infections

Eye infections are incredibly common among makeup-wearers, and that’s because of how irritating makeup can be on the skin. Odds are, you’ve itched your eyes while wearing eyeliner and ruined your made up face, right? That can cause major problems to your eyes, sometimes even eye infections. Trust me when I say, taking a break from your makeup definitely won’t hurt your eyes. If anything, it’ll give them a break from being smudged and rubbed all the time!

Your Eyelashes Will Grow

This one might surprise you but think about it for a second. How much mascara do you apply to your lashes every day? And then how hard do you scrub that mascara off before bed? All of those movements break down your lashes, which probably isn’t what you want. You want your eyelashes to be long and full, right? Give them a rest by taking some time off from makeup. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your lashes grow when they’re not being messed with every day.

You’ll Save More Money

I’m sure you know how expensive makeup is. Even the cheapest makeup (which typically isn’t very good for your skin) costs a pretty penny. If you’re using makeup every day, that probably costs somewhere between 100 dollars a month (minimum). OMG. You could use that money for food! You don’t have to eliminate makeup all together in order to save some of that money. Even just cutting back on how often you apply your makeup every day is enough.

Your Skin Will Thank You

Here’s the thing: Makeup is a chemical. I know you know that, but you might not really understand. Applying a chemical to your skin all the time (in addition to whatever skincare products you use) is a lot. Trust me! Sometimes, your skin needs to breathe. Imagine running around all day every day without a break. Wouldn’t you be exhausted? The same can be said about your skin. If you constantly have something on your face, you’re exhausting your skin. Give it a break!

You Probably Don’t Need It

One of the main reasons why you should consider taking a break from your makeup is because you don’t need it! I know you might hate looking in the mirror and seeing your acne and uneven skin tone. But you’re probably the only one who sees your blemishes! After all, we’re usually our worst critic. Try to stop looking at your skin with judgment and build up your confidence. How? By forgoing your usual makeup regimen, at least for a little while. Your self-esteem will skyrocket and you’ll truly see just how beautiful your natural beauty is!