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9 Skin Care Apps You Absolutely Need In Your Life

Your skin is incredibly important and it needs to be treated as such. Thankfully, we live in a society that knows how crucial perfect skin is. Which is why there are SO many skin care and beauty apps out there that’ll help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Whether you’re looking to maintain your skin, get rid of acne, or try a new makeup look — here are the skin care apps you should definitely check out:

Think Dirty

Cost: Free

The key to keeping your skin health is to pay attention to what kind of products you’re using. There are certain ingredients you want and don’t want, to use depending on what type of skin you have. For example, if your skin is acne prone you want to see the word “non-comedogenic” on your face and makeup products.

If you’re not reading product ingredients, you’re not giving your skin the respect it deserves. Which isn’t going to help your skin thrive AT ALL.

Think Dirty makes it easy to not only know what ingredients are in products but help you steer clear from “toxic” ones. Plus, this app even shows you cleaner alternatives so you’ll have options!

First Derm

Cost: Starting at $30

The perfect app for when you can’t seem to get a dermatologist appointment in a timely manner. First Derm allows you to chat online with a dermatologist. You simply take a picture of what’s concerning you and your virtual dermatologist will provide you with information. It’s that easy. But it will cost you. Consultations start at around $30. It’s not free but it’s definitely not as expensive as a typical doctor’s appointment.


Cost: Free

Stash is the perfect app for the busy girl! This app keeps track of all of your beauty products. From your mascara to your facial cleanser — it stores info on everything. Stash uses information, like when you bought the product and sends you alerts on when it’s running low and needs to be refilled. You can even purchase your products through the app. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, what if I told you Stash also provides you with the newest makeup reviews, too. You’ll always be in the know!


Cost: Free

One of the most exciting, and also most frustrating, parts of exploring skincare and beauty products are being experimentative. It’s fun to try new things but it’s not always easy to keep track of what you’re trying. If you like being creative and learning new tips and tricks, you should definitely download Beautylish. You’ll be able to shop for products, keep track of what’s hot, and learn new ways to perfect your regimen.

My Water Balance

Cost: Free

How much water do you really drink? You’d be surprised by that answer!

Your body is made primarily of water. Water is essential for flushing out your toxins, keeping your digestive system healthy, and helping you maintain your energy level.

Some people think they’re getting enough water, but they’re not. Which is why My Water Balance is so important. This app will track how much water you drink, send you notifications and even reminders. If you don’t know how important water is, this app will teach you exactly how beneficial it can be.


Cost: Free

Do you want to know exactly what your skin problem is? Download Skinbetter. This app takes your picture, and then uses your skin profile (in addition to dermatologist-grade scanning technology) to identify your biggest skin issues. In a second you’ll have your answers, as well as product recommendations that you can buy directly from the app!


Cost: Free

SunZapp is a must-have app for the summer! It’s easy to remember to apply sunscreen before you leave the house, but reapplying sunscreen is a whole different thing entirely. SunZapp asks you to create a profile for your skin, and then the app tracks your current weather to alert you when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen. What’s so great about this app is that you can create multiple profiles so everyone in your family is always protected.

MDAcne – Custom Acne Treatment

Cost: $29.95 per month

Every skin type is different. So, why do dermatologists suggest basically the same products for everyone? I don’t know, but it’s annoying. Which is why an app like this exists. MDAcne knows your skin is special and needs specific facial products to look and feel its best. Simply take a picture and the app will start analyzing your skin. Once analyzed, you’ll receive your specifically curated skincare essentials at your doorstep!


Cost: Free

YouCam pretty much does it all! This app provides hundreds of beauty and makeup products that you can try on virtually, before purchasing for yourself. But what I find most interesting about this app is that they offer a skin analysis component. This component makes notes of any dark spots, acne, wrinkles, etc., on your face and records that information into your skin diary. So, you can actually tell whether or not the products you’re trying are working for you!