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How often do you think about your hair being all soft and shiny. Well not the entire day, but ofcourse at least one time a day. Whenever your hands go to your hair , you play with it. And we all do take care of our hair. How disappointed would you be , if you get to know that some way or the another you’re not doing the right thing and instead , you’re ending up damaging your hair. Well, relax ladies , do not think too much , because we bring you the 8 mistakes you make while you care fir your hair.

1. Using the wrong shampoo

Among the wide variety of shampoos , you need to buy a mild herbal one and not the chemical based. Because the later causes much damage than repair. So from now on , read the composition and then buy yourself a shampoo.

2. Adequate washing

Over washing and under washing your hair, can both deteriorate the quality and quantity of your hair. So make sure about that.

3. Using cleanser

To be more precise, its not the amount but the way you apply the cleanser that makes your hair differ. Apply the cleanser from the roots to the tips.

4. Moisturizer deficit

When your hair is dry , it’s more prone to damage. So never ever forget to apply a moisturizer .

5. Hot water treatment

Hot water ain’t good for your hair. It makes your hair dry and fragile. So avoid this.

6. Wrapping your hair

If you wrap your hair in a towel, it makes them weak and less defensive against damage. Let them dry naturally.

7. Being too harsh

Brushing your hair too harshly weakens your hair roots. And you end up losing too much hair. So if you love your hair, don’t be harsh.

8. Styling hair too often

Hair dryer, curlers and straightner damage your hair follicles due to the amount of heat released by them. It worsens your hair and its softness.