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9 Types Of Non Physical Cheating That Are Still Considered As Cheating

Cheating is not only when your beloved has a physical relationship with someone else. You may be unknown by the fact that there are a variety of ways by which a person cheats and they don’t have to be even physically associated with them. There can be times at which people get into an emotional affair with somebody else without even knowing sometimes. So, eager to know? Well then have a look at these 9 types of non-physical cheating if you want to be in a safe and secure relationship.


1. Closeness with friends of opposite sex

If you’re getting a feeling that your significant other is getting closer and closer with their friends of opposite sex than they should be, then you need to be a little worried. Attractions are natural and they’re not under human control, but cheating is a decision that is under your significant others control. So, if you’re getting gut instincts that something may not be very right between your partner and their friend, you can do nothing but a direct confrontation regarding it.


2. Flirting online and offline

Internet besides its various uses has made it very easy for people to get emotionally attached. Various social networking sites provide an opportunity to know people and chat with them that may lead to people getting closer and may lead to an emotional sort of affair. However, if a couple uses the internet in a positive way rather than for flirting with others, then it will create bridges, not boundaries.


3. An affair with the phone

If you wake up and the first thing on your mind is your phone, then it’ll be counted as cheating too. Majority of times, people think they’re closer to people around them, however, they aren’t. Having an affair with your phone leads to a declining relationship with your significant other and even others around you. It is fatal for a relationship in other words. So whatever efforts you need to make, you just need to make sure that you give time to your people than your phone. This will be tough as it is an act of self-deprivation.


4. Complaining about your partner in front of others

Won’t you feel betrayed if your significant other has been upset with the relationship and wasn’t telling you, instead was complaining to their friends about it. Well, of course, you would. Issues of any relationship can be solved by the people involved in it, not by anyone else. So, if you want to make things better, you need to talk and sort things out. Complaining is just going to create more space between the duo.


5. Crossing the line with strangers

Emotional infidelity can cause you to lose someone very close to you. If you’re letting someone between you two to fill some void in your relationship, you’re on the verge of crossing the line of infidelity. This is the precursor that something isn’t well in your relationship and you need to work on it rather than to cheat.


6. Having a secret friend

If you’ve been meeting your friend that your partner is unaware of, then you’re accused of infidelity. Normal friendship tends to be open, but if you’ve been hiding it from your partner due to the fear of the secret spoiling your relationship then you’re yourself feeling guilty at some point. So admit it to yourself and figure it out why you have been doing it.


7. Dreaming of other lovers

It is completely okay to have some sexual fantasies once in a while. But if you’re constantly dreaming about sexual activities with a person other than your spouse, then this may mean some sort of emotional infidelity. You need to talk to your partner and open up about your needs and fantasies in bed.


8. Lying about your finances

Financial infidelity has grown up too much in this changing world. Yes, you hear that right. Financial infidelity is also a type of cheating where people hide their finance matters from their beloved. This has also led to increases in divorce and separation rates. But you need to know that the love you feel for money is nothing as compared to the love you may feel from your partner.


9. Not standing up for your partner

Life partners are a team and they need to stand up for each other. While the toughest phase of your life is on, you need to feel that you have someone to rely upon. If your partner isn’t standing up for you, then there are chances that he isn’t interested in taking things further. The only possible solution to this is that you must talk about it and describe your expectations.