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9 Ways To Deal With Those Ingrown Hairs Around Your Bikini Line

Bikini season is here. Which means it’s time to talk about something pretty important — those ingrown hairs around your bikini line. Don’t be embarrassed! We’ve all experienced them at least some point in our lives. They’re annoying, ugly little tan or pink bumps that can completely ruin your confidence. Been there! Thankfully, there are things you can do to get rid of those ingrown hairs and stop them from popping up all the time. Here are 9 ways to deal with those pesky little hairs around your bikini line:


You know the importance of exfoliating your face, but do you know the importance of exfoliating your bikini line? The best way to remove ingrown hairs is to use an exfoliant (something natural, that’s not too harsh for this delicate area of skin) that’ll scrub away that top layer of skin cells so your body can clean itself out and get rid of those hairs before they actually become something visible.