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Aloe Vera Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Aloe Vera has been in the public eye as a natural remedy for many different things for some time now. Why is it so popular? Aloe vera helps the immune system, encourages regular blood sugar, and reduces redness and swelling. It’s got antiviral and antibacterial properties and can help treat just about anything ranging from constipation to diabetes. Why not add a couple more foolproof hacks to this list of reasons Aloe Vera is a gift from above? Here are a five additional Aloe Vera hacks that every girl could benefit from having in her back pocket.

Eyebrows are all the rage these days. From thin, precise brows to naturally bushy brows, new eyebrow trends are popping up every day. A trend that won’t go out of style is keeping them contained. No-one wants a wild brow. But whether you’re trying to grow them out, or you weirdly slept on your face, sometimes they’ll have a mind of their own. Can’t seem to keep your eyebrows in place? Take a spoolie and apply the aloe vera directly on it. The next step is simple… just brush those brows! They will stay right in place for hours on end and look better than ever. Natural and easy!

Want to make your own setting spray? This quick and easy recipe will produce a foolproof spray that makes your makeup stay on in any weather condition. Don’t worry about sweating off that makeup any longer. Mix water, aloe vera, witch hazel, shake. And now you have waterproof make up. You’ll look and feel healthy and glowing. And you won’t have to drop a pretty penny on some of the ridiculously priced setting sprays on the market.

Are your heels cracking and gross? If you’re an athlete or someone that enjoys wearing sneakers on the daily, you know the embarrassment of going barefoot and having to hide the tough, dirty skin on your heels from your peers. While some may suggest soaking your feet to remove the damaged layer of skin, it usually isn’t until at least a week later that you see the outcome. For immediate, and healthy results, use aloe vera with coconut oil and sugar, apply generously to the bottoms of your feet, and they’ll be smooth as a baby’s bottom. And to top it off you’ll smell delicious. Much better than the nasty odor coming from those sneaks!

Want flawless skin? Don’t we all! Most of us don’t have the money or the time to spend countless hours on complicated beauty products to improve our skin. Plus, who doesn’t want to be as natural and gentle on your most precious body part? Your face is delicate, so you should treat it as such. For an all natural remedy, remove the skin from aloe vera and blend it. You can mix using a blender or a mallet of some kind. Put the blended Aloe Vera a spray bottle and use it as a face mist. It’s the perfect secret to smoothe and beautifully glowing skin.

We all know the instant feeling of regret after a long day on the beach with friends and realizing you forgot to wear sunscreen. The burning and itches creep in, leaving you dreading your life for the next couple of days as your sunburn continues to worsen. Ouch. Those can be painful and excruciating. There’s nothing worse than a bad sunburn. For instant relief, cut up aloe vera into small squares, add them to an ice tray, fill the dish with water, and freeze until solid. Gently dab the ice cube on your burns to alleviate any pain. A natural and cool (no pun intended) way to feel better after a gnarly day in the sun.