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Amazing Steps: How to Straighten Your Hair With Hair Bands

Every girl loves her hair and wants a straight hair. But ironing damages the hair texture, thins ths hair, leads to hairfall and makes them really rough and tough to handle.

Here in this article we will show you how to straighten your hair without the help of a straightener.


  • Firstly, wash your hair and ensure that your hair is cleaned and damp before the process to make it easier.
  • Use a towel instead of a dryer as the dryer makes the hair extra dry and the towel doesn’t make it extra dry which helps in straightening.

  • Use different materials hair bands according to your hair length and volume size. Avoid rubber elastic band as it can break your hair.

  • Now divide the hair into two sections equally and make partitions according to the thickness of your hair.

  • Now do side ponytails by tieng bands at equal intervals of the hair.

  • Go off to sleep like this


  • Then open your hair next morning to get straight hair.
  • Spray a hair spray to fix the fizz and keep the hair straight.
  • And you are done!