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Best Self-Tanners on the Market

We all want to get that golden glow or look like we have lived our whole lives at the beach. I, myself, have very pasty white skin and have always wanted to be tanner. With summer here there was no time to get a really great tan and there are always parts of my body that just don’t tan no matter how hard I try. We all go through the same beauty struggles and inconsistencies. One thing that’s great about beauty items now is that there are so many out there to choose from for all body types and there is always a way to fix or hide something we don’t like about ourselves. Don’t do it for anyone, but yourself though. If you’re comfortable in your own pasty white skin, you rock that white. This is just for those, like myself, who would like a bit more color in their life. I sought out the best beauty tanners on the market and here they are:


L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanner $10.00

This tanner is about 10.00 dollars depending on where you buy it from, but I usually get mine from my local Target Store. What’s great about this particular bronzer is that it looks super natural! You don’t look like you have a fake tan at all and it lasts for about 2 weeks long. Which means for 2 solid weeks you’re good. The product itself will last a long time depending on where you are putting it or how much you use. It’s for the face and body so you don’t need to worry about where you’re applying it. It dries quickly and is streak-free. Which some brands can be very streaky. Let’s face it though L’Oreal, as a brand has never let us down yet, has it? It comes in different shades. I put the best-selling shade below, but you should try to find the shade that best works for you!

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Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse for Body $13

Jergens is the leading brand in skin health and so it’s no wonder that their bronzer isn’t just safe, but fabulous to use. This is a mousse so it’s a little different than a cream, but again it’s very natural looking. It has an advanced color complex which really makes your skin have that extra glow and even tone. It’s quick application and scentless so you don’t need to worry about bad reactions to scents or having it interfere with your usual perfume. It feels so light it’s like you’re not even wearing it much like a real tan. Now this one doesn’t last two weeks, but if you’re only looking for a tanned look some of the time then this is perfect. Also, it’s great for those with sensitive skin. Please note it comes in different shades as well.

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Bahama Tan Self-Tanning Lotion $24

Okay, so the price on this one seems quite a bit higher to the other self-tanners and you would be right on the money there, but there is a reason for it. This particular self-tanner is all natural and organic. So you can literally say you have a natural tan, but just not in the way most people think. It’s a lotion so it goes on much like a body lotion, but it’s great for your whole body including your face. It’s very safe to use! Non-toxic without any sort of chemicals this is probably the safest product on the market for a tanner and it’s also streak free! No nasty streaks here! Your tan will last about 4-7 days depending on your skin.

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Miami Gorgeous Self-Tanning Mousse La Playa Glow $18.00

If you want a beachy glow or the Miami hue as they say in Florida, then this is the self-tanning mousse for you. It’s infused with Argan and Coconut oils to make your skin super moist which helps it with that extra natural glow. It’s organic based and will never make you look orange. Plus if you’re unhappy with the product in anyway shape or form you can return it for money back guaranteed by the company! I think that’s always a plus especially if you’re buying it from online!

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Tan Towel $24.00

If you’re not a fan of the mess from lotions or mousses, you may give these towelettes a try. They are infused with a tanner that works with your specific amino acids and skin coloring to make yourself have a nice healthy looking hue. There are 10 in a package and their claim to fame is just wiping them where you want to get tan and being tan. They are for the face and body. The tan lasts up to 7 days.

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