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10 Tips and Tricks On How To Get Volume In Your Hair


Women love bouncy, shiny and fluffy hair but it seems impossible in today’s time and more over it hard to manage bouncy hair because changes in climate and greasiness in our hair could ruin it all at once. There should be some tricks that could be attained in no time and give us voluminous, bouncy and elegant looking hair. Here are some of the tricks that could help us in getting bounce on our hair that we have always desired.

Learn how to blow out your hair the right way.

Some methods are much beneficial in providing voluminous hair just by simple steps. Blowing out your hair properly can help you in this and for this you have to wash your hair and use rollers and hair dryer to get elegant and puffy hairstyle.


Backcomb dry hair for a lift.

If you want to get instant volume in your hair without wasting much time then you can use comb to get volume in your hair just take strands of your hair and start back combing them, do this process cautiously as if not it would result in tangled hair.

Try flipping your hair over

People use blow dryer on only to make their hair dry but it can be used to get some thickness and volume to your hair just flips your hair upside down and then start blow drying it. This process will boost your hair.


Test out this toothbrush hack:

Tooth brush can give you similar effects as comb. You just have to start teasing with the help of your tooth brush as you do with your comb. For this take small strands of your hair and start teasing.

Tease smaller sections of your hair.

Teasing small section would help you more in getting voluminous hair. this can be done by partitioning small section and tease them. One can also use hair spray for making the hair style stay for some time and comb over it lightly.


Focus on just the top section of your hair.

If you want voluminous hair style in just short time then you have to focus on the upper portion of your hair. Do an upper half partition and apply rollers and get them a lift and apply some hair spray on it.

Cheat by just using clip-in extensions.

Hair extension is one of the easiest way to get voluminous hair and without using any chemical containing any kind of hair product. Hair extensions will provide volume as well as length to your hair and will give you a whole new look.


Get the right products.

If you get irritated due to the teasing process because it leaves your hair tangled then you can use some products that can provide some volume in your hair. You just have to mousse it, powder it, lotion it and dry shampoo it for getting voluminous and grease less hair.

Use dry shampoo for a lift at the roots

Greasy hair can also ruin the natural bounce of your hair; you can treat it by using dry shampoo. You have to part your hair and apply dry shampoo from 10 inches away from scalp and repeat the same process by making partition on different sides.

Do a twisted bun over night.

For natural bounce in your hair you can make a bun before going to bed and let the bun stay overnight and secure it with hair clips and open them in the morning and add a little serum in the end to hold the bounce for some time.