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9 Effective Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

Hair fall is a very natural process and it can happen sometimes due to negligence in care, excessive stress and deficiencies in diet. It is very common, but overcoming this takes a lot of time and patience. The best kind of remedies one can resort to are the natural ones which will treat your hair fall in a short period of time and would probably last for a very long time! Some of these remedies are described below:


Amla oil is one of the best and foolproof remedies which can easily treat the damage done by hair loss! This can be prepared by heating dry amla in coconut oil! It helps in additional help of the regrowth of the lost hair! Lime juice can be added to this and it can be used instead of shampoo which will strengthen hair follicles!


Henna is a special hair dye that is mainly used in Asian countries. It is naturally grown and has a lot of benefits, helps in hair growth and in reducing dandruff from your hair which in turn will smoothen the hair follicles making it shiny and strong.


Aloe vera has a lot of benefits when it comes to treating hair fall. When applied along the scalp and through the strands, it helps in gaining thickness of hair and in treating dry scalp and loosened roots.


This is another step of regaining healthy and strong hair! This can be prepared easily, just crush few onions and prepare a juice of it and then apply it along the root and tip of the hair and let it sit for and hour, washing it with mild shampoo!


It is very crucial for proper hair growth as it produces collogen. Vitamin C,E,K and many more are necessary for healthy growth of hair. Taking these in regulated amounts can be of great help to healthy and shiny hair!


Coconut has left us astonished with its diverse application! One of it is for hair growth! It contains elements which are very important for hair growth and keeping them healthy. It also smoothens the scalp and strengthens hair from the roots!


Curd helps in curbing hair fall. It contains elements which help in increasing thickness of the hair and making them smoother and shinier. They are considered as most natural conditioner for the hair. Apply curd on your hair. Let it stay for an hour and wash it with mild shampoo.


Neem can be put into application by boiling them with water and washing it off with the same water and be careful that it does not get into your eyes. This will help you strengthen your hair and keep your hair long and black.


Stress has serious implications on our health and we never realize when it becomes a major deal. Hair loss is one such result of taking too much stress. If you want to keep your hair healthy and strong while avoiding the use of any medication, then all you have to do is practice meditation and easygoing-ness