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How Your Hair Style Relates Your Personality

There are n number of attributes which can tell a lot about your personality; the lines of your face, shape of your face, position of moles or your favorite color. Even how they facially express themselves is also a factor. Apart from these many, one more way with which we can decode personality type is how one keeps their hair. Hair is one of the most delicate issue for women, how we make it a big deal about going to haircuts or how we vent we start losing some. Mostly because, subconsciously we know that our hair is representational. It speaks a ton about how you actually are. Haircut largely affects your face appeal, it can make your face look taller or even help bring out best features of your face.

Here we have made a list of different hair styles and the personality trait that it signifies.


Simple minded personality- Your haircut says that you are very simple hearted. The love to occasionally bring out their crazy, usually the are carefree and have a lot of fun. On the inside, you can be mean sometimes, just as the crisp of your haircut. Just be aware when to be nice and when to be crazy and wild. You often find yourself asking for help when subjected to a problem. But, all in all you believe in simplicity and are usually very humble and kind. You are smart enough to put your own need on top of everyone else’s. You are too earthly and believe in the beauty of simple things like rain or coffee. All you need to have is a balance in your life. Just think about yourself a little more often.


Laid back personality – The people who have layered hairstyle ten do have a balance in their life. They are very concerned about the little details in their lives, since they crave stability.
They are known to do the work the easiest way possible, which is not always good. Your easy going attitude can stop you from getting some of the luxuries. You are innovative & imaginative, even though you prefer taking shortcuts. You are a master in leaving things unfinished, due to your laid-back attitude. You are an nature lover, the whole of your life- lover in general.


Spicy Personality – The people who have such haircut are said to be outspoken, spirited and very different with varied interests. Their creativity usually ends up in something very different each time. They have a flamboyance in them which always sets them apart. They also can be very clumsy but they prefer doing their job all by themselves. They are very lively and mushy and like to be inspired by people around them.


Straight forward personality – These people tend to be crisp and like to keep things to the point. They don’t believe in sugar coating or beating around the bush. They are also very corrective towards people or some of them can even be grammar Nazi, so next time when you are around someone with straight hairstyle, try not to make much mistakes. They say what they mean and mean what they say, cutting straight to the chase. For them nothing is not achievable, they are pro-active. But they can be too high headed sometimes and would want to be treated as a royalty. You are very picky for the people around you and the ones you would want to care for.


Over the top personality- They are the people who would want to keep everything happy and they are very optimistic. They are big hearted but never fail to seek attention. They are outgoing and have a very loud energy and are blessed with super communication skills. Their confidence is well portrayed in their work and even in their attire. But they do not recognize the fact that not everyone can match your zeal.


Care Free personality – These people do not have much to care about and are usually very free spirited. They are the smart ones in the family who can solve any problem at hand. You are a huge supporter of peace, but can be perceived as a little flamboyant. You like pleasing others and putting their needs ahead of your own. They have a hard time focusing on one thing and usually do not spend much time alone.


Secretive personality – Your personality is as entangled as the long locks of your hair, holding secrets that nobody can know. You can be a little control freak at times and would work with things efficiently if you are familiar with them. Not everybody knows the real you. You like your issues to be drawn to yourself. This is why you find  it hard to let people in and know the real you. You like it when you have the power to yourself and are usually gentle in nature.


Perfectionist personality – You need to have control to yourself so that you can make everything perfect. You want things to be done in accordance to you, this keeps you calm. You want your loved ones to follow the same rules as you which makes you expect and demand from them. This is your definition of a relationship. You try to portray your stronger self but have a hard time accepting rejection and failure. You tend to have lots of friends.