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32 Make up tips which are all time game changer!

We all have had those moments wherein you look at a particular makeup look online and think to yourself “there is no way I can pull that off” or you may feel that it is impossible to do with the limited resources that you have. But, that is just you undermining yourself. Here we are helping you with some of the beauty tips and tricks which might get you that look that you desire the most! It wont take hours for you to achieve, you will know the drill once and it will be all easier for you to bring out the best version of yourself!


  1. Reusing the plastic spoons.

When applying mascara to your lower lash seems like a hard row to hoe, plastic spoons will come to your rescue. Let us take a moment to register how many times have we avoided putting mascara on the bottom lash just because it would get the mascara on our skin, well, not anymore. Placing a spoon underneath the eyelash onto the skin would also help you with the even application onto the lash! And the result would be a be a very full and thick eyelash!


  1. Scotch taping would help you eyeline & shadow better!

Those cat eye looks which seem unachievable would not anymore! With the help of this household item, scotch tape, you can apply shadows and eyeliners better to give your eye that impeccable look. The drill is to place the scotch tape underneath the corners of your eye, helping you to get the wing you want and also helping you to evenly apply eye shadow without worrying that it might spread! But first remove the stickiness of the scotch tape before placing it on the tender area near your eye and you are good to go!


  1. Get your lips ready!

Not everyone among us is a lipstick person right? I know, it seems they draw out moisture from our lips, especially the liquid ones. But you no longer have to worry about getting them dry. Exfoliation of lips is a must, when it comes to making them softer and smoother, hence removing the dead skin and giving them a fresh look. But purchasing a lip scrub may not be the only option. Mixing sugar, honey and coconut oil will make a perfect scrub for you to rub it gently all over your lips, after some time use warm water to wash it off and feel the gentleness your lips hold!


  1. Working on your eyeshape!

The most alluring part of the face is eye, and therefore we just cant help but work on it the most while doing make up. The key here is determining the right colour, and placing it at the right places. Applying lighter and darker shades would affect the shape of your eye, make them look wide, far apart and stand out!


  1. The eyeshadow pop

There have been times when you get a particular shade for yourself and when you apply it, it just doesn’t go with your tone. Well, there lies a trick here. Applying white eyeshadow as a base would help you with it. Blending the white base properly across you lids and then apply the vibrant colour on top. It will look more ravishing the before!


  1. The fake eyelash look

Some of us usually refrain from using fake eyelashes, mainly because they are a pain to wear and also to remove. However, we can have that look, of voluminous and long lashes. Here is a list of tips you could use for getting the look of a false eyelash without actually putting it.

  • A mascara with tiny wand would do a perfect job, since it would be best for picking up all your lashes together and curling it!
  • Use a lash curler before applying mascara onto the lashes because it wont mess with shape and give a more even look
  • Two to three rounds of coating mascara would do the job, overworking your eyes would tend to give lashes a distorted look when it dries up.


  1. Instant eye lift

Have you ever wanted to have those arched eyebrows giving your face a crisp and sharp look. There must have been times when you have wanted that look where your eyes look much wide and open full. Well, there lies a trick for eye lifting. Use a matte pink eyeliner and apply it underneath your eyebrows, dab until it goes undetectable.

  1. Getting rid of the dark circles.

Sometimes we find bags around our eyes, this tip will help us get rid of them. An instant trick is using cucumbers. Before you do any makeup, place slices of cold cucumber on your eyes for about 10 minutes, until they get warmed up. Once you feel they are warmer, remove and notice that dark circles have been removed upto 80%. This happens because cucumber has vitamin C and certain nutrients which plump up and rehydrate the skin.



  1. Downward strokes.

Even though we apply moisturisers and face creams upwards to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, make sure to apply foundation in a downward fashion. Using a make up brush to apply foundation would be very effective and proper when you apply it downwards. Applying it upwards can get the patches on our skin look prominent.


  1. Crisping eyebrows

Some of us don’t work on our eyebrows and neglect them, while some may pluck the life out of them, either way, you are largely affecting the frame of your face. The shape of your eyebrows helps you frame your face. Hence, getting the right shape might seem like bit of task there, but there is a simple trick. The shape of your eyebrows depends on the shape of your face, if the shape is rounder, the eyebrows will have to be less arched. Hence next time you shape your eyebrows, properly study the shape of your face and the arch that would suit you!


  1. Repurposing make up brushes and wands

When our mascara finishes up, many times we end up throwing it away. But, it can be put to different uses for other beauty tips. You can wash it off to get the liquid off of it. And then spray a little bit of hair spray, and apply it onto the baby hair that come right up, this will help you keep your hair in place. Also, you can use it and take some eyeshadow on it and then apply to your lashes preventing them from looking thin and lifeless.


  1. Clump free lashes

Very often we find that after few strokes of applying mascara our eyelashes become heavy and clumpy. Well, that is because when we get the wand out of the bottle it has a lot of mascara on it. Hence, what would be helpful is to wipe off a little using a tissue and then applying it to your lashes giving them a more natural look.

It might seem like a waste but that will only help your eye lashes not get clumpy at the end as a result of directly applying the load of liquid.


  1. Properly concealing a blemish.

Sometimes we find red blemishes on your skin. In order to hide it we should use a green concealer first since a simple concealer would not do the job of covering the red blemish, it would still be visible. Blend it and dab it well, after that apply a concealer on top of it. It would seem as if the blemish was never there


  1. Making your lips pop out

Well, pouting a perfect one is bit of a task for some of us. After all, we all wish we had lips like Angelina Jolie. But we can help ourselves achieve something near to that. The trick to a fuller lip is to apply a lighter shade of lipstick at the center of your lips.

Using a highlighting powder would help you make your lips even more fuller. You just have to create contrasting illusions and that would give your lips the desired look.


  1. Key to a long-lasting lipstick

We all face those times when we get ready and apply lipstick to a perfect amount but it seems to fade as time passes. But the liquid ones seem to be retained, only if you barely eat anything or they too fade right in the center of your lips. The key to helping your lipstick retain itself through would be to use two coats and letting it dry in between.

Apply one coat of desired liquid lipstick and leave it for a minute to dry off, then apply the second coat, this will make it long lasting without needing to apply it.

  1. Coconut oil

This simple thing has variety of utility in beauty related things. It has aced its way through among all the natural ingredients. We can use coconut oil for every other thing that comes up as a problem. We can use it as a hair conditioner, as a shaving cream, facial oil, teeth whitening gel, skin moisturiser and even under the eye treatment. There are so many tricks that we can lose count.


  1. Wetting your nails till they dry!

Am I the only one who skip the normal nail polish routine just because it would end up taking time, and my patience since they take forever to dry!! Well, for all of you who relate, I have got a trick for you. Well, if you are in a rush and you can always dip your nails in the ice water from the fridge just few steps away! This trip will take few minutes to work but it will be faster than before.


  1. Steam nails for the matte look

Well, have you ever thought to yourself how in the world do those women get their nails perfect matte, while also wishing you could have them too? Here is a trick for you. If you happen to have recently painted your nails, and if you happen to be cooking, I don’t know, pasta? Then in about 5 seconds you can have your nail polish go complete matte. Just expose them to steam and you will see the effect. While doing this, try and hold your emotions up, in other words, stay away from the steam, at least 5 inches away!


  1. Perk up the foundation with face oil

If you happen to have dry and dewy skin, you are at the right place. This tip for you is a game changer. Notice in summers how we prevent ourselves from using make up but also want to look put together with our imperfections hidden away. Foundation might ditch us as it can form lumps on skin. This is when face oil comes to the rescue.

All 2 drops of face oil to the foundation, mix it well, and apply it onto the face. This acts as a perfect moisturising tinted BB cream. This beauty cocktail serves the purpose of hydrating you skin during those hot summer days!


  1. Chill out your pencils

Sometimes when we sharpen our eyeliner, lip pencils or any other beauty pencil, we may find that they get shredded away. This happens because they are warm. To prevent this from happening, put these into fridge for 15 minutes. And after that sharpen it, only to notice that the tip is crispier that ever!


  1. Swirl on your brush

When you get done with most part of your make up, you don’t stop from making your cheeks look youthful and lively, hence we contour them. When we blush them up, we are actually making them come to life. How one uses their brush largely plays a role here. Instead of dabbing or sweeping it across your cheeks, try swirling the brush around your cheeks, this will give them a natural look


  1. Do justice to your hair

Some of us avoid touching our hair when wet because it leads to frizzes. To prevent this from happening do not keep touching your hair once you have styled them. If you happen to have curly hair, they will remain intact.


  1. Vibe with your hair

During summers, using curling rods to get those amazing beachy hair would be a nightmare. Especially when you happen to have thin, shrill hair, they might give up accounting to the amount of pressure on them, humidity and heat of the curling iron.

When you want to have those beautiful curls but also want to avoid using curling iron then try to braid your hair when still wet, sleeping with it overnight would duly serve the purpose and you will enjoy those happy curls the next day!


  1. Coconut oil to remove makeup

Having discussed and talked about how supremo the coconut oil is, here is yet another use adding to its quintessence. Getting an eye make up removing lotion for the market to serve the purpose would so the justice but there is an amount of alcohol content in them which can cause irritation around the eyes in the long run. To save yourself from such trouble, simply use coconut oil. Simply warm the oil up and dip cotton in it and use it to remove to remove make up around the eyes.

  1. Drink lots of water

Consider this a general de facto tip in life. Drink lots and lots of water. It helps you get rid of face spots, acne, will help your nail and hair grow and give the most natural form of glow to your skin. It will hydrate your skin making it feel moisturised. It will also help reduce cellulite on your body.


  1. Coffee scrub to reduce cellulite

Now we know water plays an important role in reducing cellulite on your body. There is yet another feasible ingredient that can get you do that, and that is coffee powder. Coffee has got anti-oxidant which helps us shrink the fat cells that surround cellulite marks that we all hate. You just have to apply it onto the affected area in a circular motion for about 10 minutes 2-3 times a day! This will help you get rid of those pesky cellulite marks!

All you have to do is mix half a cup of coffee, half cup brown sugar and 4 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mex them thoroughly and apply on to skin. Somewhere around 2 week you will see the effect!


  1. Use a base coat!

There must have been times when your nail polish would chip off easily or would just appear as if it is fading after few days. Well, base coat has the solution. A base coat must be applied before applying nail polish as it will prevent it from any stains and also keep it long lasting. It will also help in preventing your nail bed from changing colour! You no longer will hesitate in applying dark shades then!


  1. Lip balm before bed.

Waking up with dry and dehydrated lips can get you all annoying. Apply lip balm before going to bed and they will remain moisturised throughout the night, and will greet you well in the morning. Our lips are really sensitive and the skin is really thin. Neglecting proper care would soon get lips become dry and lose its

natural moisture! Also, knowing the fact that lip loses moisture twice as faster as our skin. Hence, taking their care should become all the more important.


  1. Using the spare toothbrush.

You no longer need to worry about the flyaways and the baby hair peeing out of the updo when its hot and humid outside. We can keep them at bay with the help of just an old spray brush. Take the toothbrush and spray your hairspray on it. Brush the extra and flyaways and make them sit back!

This will keep the frizz away and will give your hair and uptight look even in hot and humid weather conditions.


  1. Key to thick hair line.

Shout out to all those times when you put up your hair and realise that in some areas, the hairline looks thin, well there is a trick to get the illusion of a thick hairline.  Eyeshadow on your hairline can instantly get that look.


  1. Goodbye to zits!

How many times a pesty zit bothered you so much so that you feel helpless. Well no, the solution to this is just few steps away, in the fridge. Using garlic onto the affected area will help you get rid of them, since garlic has got anti-inflammatory properties. This will soothe out the redness on the skin and reduce its size. Apply it onto the area well at night, rinse it off in the morning and you are good to go!


  1. Fixing the cuticles.

Get your nails back into perfect shape by this very easy trick. All you have to do is rub olive oil on them before you sleep at night. The olive oil applied will repair any damage done to your cuticles and will soak deep. Olive oil is also fat absorbing.


The beauty tips mentioned above will not only help you out in the eleventh hour, but will bring out the best version of yourself.

Tell us which tip you likes the most and why!