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10 Easy ways to curl hair perfectly

Every girl has a different choice in hairstyles from straightening, waving to curling. Here we are going to talk about how to curl your hair.

  • Curl with the help of peaks

For tight curls use big barrels and loose curls small barrels

  • Curl with Finger

You can twist the hair with finger using the iron.

  • Use spray

Spray fixed the curls and makes them stay intact a longer time.

  • By the roots

If we curl the hair by the roots they stay that way for a longer period of time

  • With a pony

Apply iron on pony if you want beach waves

  • Curl with smaller parts

Curl with smaller sections for a longer while curl.

  • Angle of curler

For tight curl, curl in vertical form, and curl in horizontal form for loose curls.

  • With help of straightener

To curl hair with straightener, hold the hair and inch by inch and then curl them.

  • With the help of pins

Straighten the hair and then curl your hair and put a pin while your hair is hot. Open those pins after a while and get your perfect curls.

  • Spring form curl

Divide your hair in few sections and wrap them around a curler for best results.