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11 hair myths that prevent us from growing long and healthy hair

Hair is an essential part of a women’s beauty. And we do give a lot of attention to our hair in order to make it thicker, shinier and smoother. At times, it can also be a hectic task for us to choose which products are good for us and which are not.

Below are some tips about hair which you should stop believing immediately.

  • Losing too many hairs is always bad.

Every year what happens is we undergo a phase called the telogen phase which is also known as the resting phase during which our hair does not fall anymore and it stays on the head. This is the reason why they fall is such huge amounts at times. New hair starts arising In the empty parts. But if heavy hair fall occurs more than twice a year, then you should definitely consult a doctor.

  • There are various products that can increase the growth of your hair!

No products can ever increase the growth of your hair. The hair growth is totally a genetic thing and it grows 1 cm per month.

  • Both shampoo and conditioner should be applied to the entire hair length.

Hair shampoos are to be applied to the scalp rather than the hair. The whole hair is being washed by the leftovers of the shampoos. And conditioners are to be applied to the hair instead of the scalp as the roots already contain natural oils and do not need moisturizing.