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Everything You Need To Know About Cuffing Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Cuffing season is upon us and things are about to get complicated. For anyone who doesn’t know what cuffing season is, let me give you the actual definition — brought to you by Urban Dictionary:

“During the Fall and Winter months, people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity cause singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”

See, I told you it was a real thing!

With that said, there’s nothing wrong with being single, or in a relationship, during the fall and winter months. Your life is your life and you shouldn’t let this season make you do something out of character. Be true to yourself and keep in mind these 9 cuffing season truths:

Your Ex Is Probably Going To Reach Out

People come out of the woodworks during cuffing season, which means you’re more likely to hear from an old flame. Don’t fall for it. It’s not fate or coincidence, it’s cuffing season and people are feeling lonely. Your ex is bored and probably doesn’t have the confidence to download a dating app to meet new people. So instead, he’s going to come crawling back to you. Once again, don’t fall for it. Ignore his texts and keep on living the life you were living before the season started.

If You Live In A Northern State, You’re Really Going To Feel It

Why is this? It’s simple. When it’s cold outside, people want someone to keep them warm. Whether it’s cuddling or just holding hands on a chilly night, they want to be physically connected to someone else. Since northern states are typically cooler than states down south, those individuals are going to want that connection even more. Which is why cuffing season is so huge on that side of the globe!

Pretty Much Everyone Is Affected

Even if you live in the warmest town in the world, you’re still going to experience cuffing season. Your mentality follows the calendar, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Sure, you might not be freezing. It doesn’t matter, you’re still going to want to cuddle with someone.

Sad Music Is Going To Be Your New Go-To

Don’t be alarmed if your music choices change during cuffing season. It’s to be expected. Summer is one long party. The weather is perfect and you spend more time outside with your friends. Your music is happy during the summer. Once it gets colder, though, you slow down and your music follows suit. It’s okay if you find yourself listening to soft tunes.

People Are Going To Slide Into Your DMs

Ex’s, ex’s of your friends, and random people from high school are going to reach out to you during cuffing season. As I said, people are bored. They’re too cold to go outside, so instead, they’re just going to sit on their phone sliding into people’s DMs and hoping for a response. Try not to respond (especially if you don’t like the person). But if you do, tread with caution.

Dating Apps Are Perfectly Acceptable

It’s hard to ignore the emotions that come with cuffing season. If you feel lonely and embarrassed about being single, do something about it! Go on dates or download an app. Don’t be embarrassed about wanting to find a companion during the fall and winter months. It’s normal (I can’t reinforce that enough).

But, The Relationship Probably Won’t Last

Here’s the thing about cuffing season — if you begin a relationship during these months, there’s a strong chance it won’t last once the season is over. To be honest, it’s not really supposed to. Cuffing season brings casual relationships, not long-term ones. On a positive note, if you’re with someone before cuffing season your relationship will probably just get stronger now that it’s cold outside. Cheers to that!

Unless You Play Hard To Get

If you happen to meet someone during cuffing season, there are a few things you can do to help make sure your relationship actually lasts. Play hard to get! Play so hard to get that your first date isn’t until after cuffing season — sometime around March, maybe. Just kidding! But definitely, don’t make it seem like you’re lonely and needy. Let him chase you a little bit.

Get Ready For A TON Of Pictures

Does it feel like there’s always a peak in engagement announcements around the holidays? That’s because there is! People are more likely to get engaged during the fall and winter. Why? Because it’s cuffing season, of course. Love is in the air. Don’t let the Instagram pictures of happy couples make you feel less happy. Just because your friends are getting married doesn’t mean you have to be, too. Remember, everyone is on a different journey.

Now, go forth and enjoy this cuffing season!