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Fall Fashion Trends To Get #Woke About

The weather might be hot right now, but it’s going to cool down sooner than you think. Fall officially starts in September and in preparation for this season, it’s time you go through your closet and swap your summer threads with fall ones. Not sure what fall pieces you need in your wardrobe? Keep reading. Here are 12 fall fashion trends you should hop on ASAP:

A Statement Jacket/Coat

Fall is all about mixing basics with statements. You can rock a bold colored jacket, a cheetah print, or even something texturized — it’s up to you. Just make sure the rest of your ensemble is on the simpler side so colors don’t clash. And don’t be afraid to get a little wild with it. There’s nothing wrong with putting on a bright yellow jacket and calling it a day!

Colorful Earrings

Speaking of statements, wearing colorful earrings is also a must this fall. If not just to add a little pop of color to an outfit, cute earrings can easily dress up a casual outfit.

The ‘80s

The ‘80s are making a comeback which means’s it’s all about mini skirts, shoulder pads, oversized tops, huge earrings, and stirrup pants. These styles have been slowly making a comeback for some time now. I’m constantly seeing top models accessorizing with huge gold and silver loop earrings. And oversized tops? Yes, please!

Busy Prints

You’re either going to hate this fashion trend or love it. Personally, I’m still on the fence. To rock this look, you simply put prints together that don’t actually look like they should be together. So, how do you make sure you match? It’s actually simple — you don’t. You just make sure you have at least one neutral shade on to give the allusion that the outfit works. But keep in mind, it’s called “busy” for a reason. You’re supposed to look a little all over the place!


I know, I know. We were just talking about wearing a ton of different prints and colors together at the same time and now we’re talking about monochromatic. That’s fashion for you — there’s never just one way to do it. Whether you want to wear all blue, purple, yellow, green, or red, an outfit that’s solely just one color is now the epitome of class and sophistication. You’re going to look amazing!

Animal Print

I’ve mentioned the word “print” a couple of times. But what kind of print am I talking about exactly? Animal. You’re going to be seeing a ton of animal print this fall. Cheetah, zebra, and leopard prints are all the rage in pretty much everything; shoes, tops, dresses, and even coats.


But not just any denim, patchwork denim is #trending at the moment. And personally, I’m obsessed with it! Patchwork denim is the perfect mix of vintage and trendy. Plus, like any denim, you can purchase patchwork in different colors and styles. So, anyone will be able to rock this look and feel confident!

Sexy Pantsuits

As if pantsuits weren’t sexy enough, now fashionistas are showing even more skin in their business suits. Whether cropped pants or mini skirts, pantsuits have been steadily gaining more and more attention. And I think that’s because of how versatile they are. Pantsuits are ideal for any body type and you can dress them down or up, given the situation.

Mixing Plaid

The plaid obsession is back, but with an added twist — mixing plaid. As if wearing plaid wasn’t already enough, now it’s considered cool to wear a bunch of different plaid at the same time. And you don’t even have to match by color. You can match by texture. Interesting, isn’t it?


The layered-look has been trending for a while now. Which is great considering it gets rather chilly in the fall, so wearing layers is pretty much the only way to stay warm. Thankfully, designers and style icons are taking layers up a notch. How? But layering when layering isn’t really necessary. Like, wearing socks over tights and jackets over cardigans…over jackets. Whoever said fewer clothes is high-fashion clearly didn’t know about this trend!

Ruching, Ruching, Ruching.

I have no idea why ruching is back in style, but I can honestly say I’m shocked. Rouching is that fabric trend that I’m probably going to steer away from. It causes a ripple effect which isn’t typically very flattering at all. And yet, here we are watching models walk the runway with ruching details. What a time to be alive! If ruching details are your vibe, go ahead and give this trend a go. You can find this fabric style in dresses, tops, blouses, and purses.

Oversized Bags

Dresses and shirts aren’t the only oversized fall must-haves, so are bags. Or should I say, oversized totes? I’m a BIG fan of this trend seeing as small purses aren’t the most convenient. Sure, they might look good but they’re frustrating. Give me a giant tote bag any day, am I right?