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Fall Nail Art Trends You Need to Know About

The Fall or Autumn is almost here. It seems weird to say as if the sunshine and beautiful beaches got away from us all already. Soon the weather will change and there will be a smell of smoldering leaves in the frigid air. Soon we will move our summer wardrobe behind our other clothes and embrace the elegant sweaters and turtlenecks we missed so much. The pumpkin lattes will be sipped on again and the beautiful signs of harvests will have fallen at our very fingertips. Perhaps quite literally too, because we are about to fall in love with some festive Autumn nail art trends that you have to know about. Don’t get stuck out of the nail art trends for this fall embrace them like the changing of the season and the changing of your wardrobe from short-shorts to gorgeous jackets and scarves.



There is the popular, rest her soul, Kate Spade nail art that will be popping up all over the place this Autumn. Not only as an homage to late and great Kate Spade but because it’s simply elegant. These nails are the barely-there colors like nude or light a pink. The pastels with only two nails that have subtle art drawn gracefully amongst them. Kate Spades popular look of this is a nude skin matching nail polish with two fingers that have one straight black line and a white dot to highlight the fact you’re an elegant superstar.


You don’t need that pop of color to embrace your inner beauty. The subtle look isn’t just perfect for fall fashion looks like comfy sweaters with legging or jeans. No, it’s also perfect when wearing sweater dresses for work or events. Bravo Kate Spade, you truly had a way with style. Rock it ladies!

Jinsoon is one of the most popular names in brand name nail polish. They recently had a runway style for Autumn 2018 and the style Jinsoon is popping out is Fall fabulous. This particular nail part was created by Urban Chic and Jinsoon. The colors by JinSoon used with this nail art Demure and Tila, Moxie and Pop Orange and Grace and Birdie… So what you do here is you keep the majority of your nails neutral and have a pop of color or colors on one nail. You could do a few stripes of two or more of these colors or just have one solid.


Black or darker nails have always been a fabulous fashion statement ideal for the fall or winter months. However, this Fall Swarovski crystal gems in different hues and colors glistening on your dark nail polish are all the rage. Of course, Swarovski is the best way to go when you’re looking for a demure look for a fabulous Fall event or if you’re just looking for that extra sparkle to get you through the day. Highly recommend this look with a little black dress or black sweater and some cute boots. Either way, this is definitely as sparkly as 2018!



Another Runway look for the Autumn 2018 season is cheetah-licious. You can mimic this look by painting or by wrapping your nails in cheetah patterns. However, the original runway pattern was cheetah pattern pinkish purple and magenta. For this specific nail acrylic look, you can get them from Jeremy Scott and Miss Pop Nails who supported the original pattern for the runway. If you thought your cheetah blouse, purse or jewelry was fab just wait until you try these sexy Fall nails. Betsey Johnson herself is jealous she didn’t think about it! Plus, if you’re a cat on Halloween you can always really get into it with this top fashion look.



If you thought the cheetah look by Jeremy Scott and Miss Pop Nails was the bee knees just wait until you check out this super chic and elegant look by Chromat! Chromat’s runway looks for Autumn is a bright red and black checkerboard! They look absolutely smashing! The black checks are almost in a diamond pattern going up the nails. Then Chromat also stunned the runway with their second look which was pleasant white nails with a red wavy line. These look almost remind you of a beautiful apple orchard in a very contemporary way. Apple picking or picking up drinks in a bar this look will be a stunner for the 2018 Autumn season. You can bet on it!



Tanya Taylor sported a fashionable runway look that proved to everyone that French Mani’s don’t have to be traditional or boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good French manicure look, but it’s nice to throw in some color or switch it up once in a while. For a punk or alternate Fall modern look try the white tips with a sexy dark plum on the rest of the nail. If you want to make this look your own and not copy Tanya Taylor completely get funky and creative! Try something Fall-ish like black and orange. Could you see some orange nails with black tips or vice versa? Talk about the perfect look for fall. Get creative, have fun and remember French manicures don’t have to be traditional. They can be downright funky!



Speaking of non-traditional French manicure’s Cushnie Et Ochs took another avenue on the French manicure for this Autumn as well. Cushnie Et Ochs used some Essie nail polish for the base as a nude or a white coat. Then Cushnie ET Ochs dipped the ends of the fingernails in glitter but spaced the glitter pieces out to give it an ombre effect. You don’t just have to have ombre hair, now you can have ombre nails to match!


Naeem Khan’s Fall 2018 look is a collection of holographic chrome inspirations. These ultra-shiny nails are green-blue and holographic chrome. The inspiration for these holographic looking nails is an exotic insect from Khan’s native Peru. The shell looks as luscious and gorgeous as the nails on your fingers. These are special FX-press on gel manicure nails.
As Khan says, “ it’s a collection that is diverse in its offerings and speaks to the @naeemkhannyc woman who comes from many walks of life.” (Via his Instagram account.)

Another sultry look is brown or nude nails with pops of silver lines. The darker shades and clean looks are a simplistic Fall look that can’t be unmatched. M.P. Nails is making this the look of their company for the Autumn months. They have paired a darker nude shade almost brown with shiny glistening silver tinted lines. For some creative points, you could make this look with tons of different your fingers look as happy as birthday party confetti.

Black triangles have come back into play for this Autumn Season. A few years ago everyone was going crazy with “Illuminati” style triangle designs on everything from clothing to shoes to makeup. However, the black triangles are back with a vengeance. They are calling the look angular art. These fierce black triangles on a golden nail polish background are so chic and modern that you have to try them for your Fall fashion look. This would be perfect to pair with any Fall fashion look. Oh, and who can you thank for bringing back some black triangles and angular art? So Nailicious. Check out their Instagram account for some more “insta” inspiration!



Food Art is also a popular trend this Fall. No, we aren’t talking cute pumpkins although you could definitely do that if you like. These are more humor and personality creations. Similar food items like spaghetti or wine glasses that are half full have been the norm in the trend for this fall. Who can you thank for this foodie fall look full of classic foods and humor? You can thank Trophy wife nail art. You can also follow their Instagram page for more nail art inspirations and foodie fabrications!