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Here’s What People With Perfect Skin Do To Achieve Their Glow

Have you ever wondered about those people you see every day with perfect skin? How the heck do they do it? A wicked moisturizer? A time machine? A super secret amazing supplement? It turns out, the things people do for perfect skin aren’t all that complicated. Sure, everyone is different but here are 10 things people with a constant glow swear by:

They Assess Their Skin Constantly

People with perfect skin aren’t necessarily obsessed with their skin, but they definitely spend time looking at it on a daily basis. They have to! How else will they be able to tell what their skin really needs? Skin changes all the time; it can go from dry to oily to acne-prone in a matter of months. In order to treat your skin, you have to look at it and buy products based off what works. Don’t just constantly put products on your face that you think should work because you’ve been using them forever. Pay attention to any change and always be assessing your skin.

They Know How To Pop Their Pimples

Everyone’s going to pop their pimples at some point. And even though fighting the urge is beneficial to your skin, people who have perfect skin know they can pop BUT only when it’s acceptable. A pimple has to be a whitehead and you can only pop it once. If you squeeze more than once, you’ll cause bleeding which will cause scarring.

They Keep It Simple

Who said you need to apply 30 products to your skin before bed? No one! The best thing you can do for your skin is keeping it simple and natural when applying products. Your skin should never feel like it’s covered in lotion or makeup. Which is why it’s SO important to find the right products for your skin. Once you find what works, you’ll be able to use just a few beauty products every day.

They Steam Massage

Steam is very good for the skin. It opens up the pores in your face, which will decrease your likelihood of seeing pimples. A massage increases circulation and blood flow, which also increases collagen production. A massage with steam? No, that’s just the best and you can do it in the shower. Use a circular motion and apply very light pressure to your face. Also, make sure your hands are clean or use a facial roller.

They Use An Overnight Mask

Not everyone’s face can handle masks, but for those who can handle a mask try an overnight one! Your skin cells turnover at night while you’re asleep. So, putting a moisturizing face mask on at night when your skin is working it’s hardest will ensure you’ll wake up with shockingly glowing skin.

They Clean Their Sheets & Pillowcases

Beauty products aren’t always the key to perfect skin. Sometimes, it’s about how often you clean the things your face touches on the regular. Your pillowcases, sheets, and comforters should be watched on the regular. As should your clothes. If you have pimples that don’t seem to go away, you might want to take a good look at your laundry schedule and what kind of detergent you’re using.

They Eat Skin-Friendly Food

Collagen is incredibly beneficial for the skin. Some people consume collagen powder, take supplements, or even drink bone broth (which is packed with collagen). Do you see a trend here? Collagen is the REASON. But, that doesn’t mean collagen is the only thing you should be focusing on. You should also work to avoid foods that can do damage to the skin; sugary foods, alcoholic beverages, fried foods, etc.

They Try To Never Touch Their Faces

You know your hands are dirty but you probably don’t realize to what extent, do you? Well, people with flawless skin realize how absolutely foul their fingers are which is why they do their best to not touch their face until they’ve thoroughly cleaned them.

They Take Care Of Their Gut

Your gut (aka your digestive system) determines how flawless your skin is. That’s one of the reasons people tend to steer clear of dairy. Dairy isn’t easy to absorb and can mess with digestion, which is why people with lactose intolerance experience pimples and acne when they eat dairy. People who have perfect skin, pay attention to the food they eat and how that food reacts with their skin. Don’t forget, good gut health means beautiful skin!

They Focus On Nighttime Healing

Washing your face during the day is important (especially if you’re running around and sweating throughout the day). However, people with flawless skin know the most important time to really focus on their face is at night. Your skin is at its dirtiest at the end of the day, so it’s really crucial you remove all that dirt, debris, and bacteria. Cleanse, tone, use face masks/exfoliators, and moisturize thoroughly before you go to bed so you can really get a good night’s rest.