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Horror movie Inspired Nails for October

Everyone’s favorite season, aka Fall, is coming up and that means some of the scariest and best things are about to happen. Horror movie marathons being among one of the top activities people do in the fall months and especially October. Aside from the usual apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and costume party’s horror movies are always on our minds. So why not have our fashion match the season? There are some amazingly cute and horrifyingly cute, I might add, nail art that you must have for the Autumn season! Horror movie inspired nails that you can wear this October or if you’re a horror movie enthusiast, like me, you can wear them all year long to spook everyone out! From classic horror movies to modern horror movies these nails will excite and captivate your fashion and horror needs.

This classic movie recently had an upgrade to IT, literally the movie I am talking about is IT. The horror movie we all love to hate and hate to love. The red balloon and the clown from the sewers are enough to terrify even the strongest among us. When it comes to nail art this is not only an easy design for your nails but horrifyingly cute. Get the look from Instagrammer Just_Alexiz who came up with one of the top looks for IT nails you can get. However, you can always come up with your own creative nails from the sewers.

If you loved the IT nails then you will scream over this next nail art. Literally Scream, because the next nails are inspired by the famed horror movie Scream. These nails date back to 1996 when the horror movie Scream hit the screens. Everyone wanted to dress up in black with a Scream face for Halloween in the 1990’s and it became a huge horror icon. The look is simple black nails with some blood and of course, the iconic Scream faces. This slasher movie was inspired by the 1978 movie Halloween, but Scream became so iconic that most people don’t even think about the 1978 movie anymore. Your nails will not only be horrifying, but iconic! This look is again by Instagrammer Just_Alexiz and is an easy twist on some screamingly beautiful nails.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the scariest slasher films around! Why is it so terrifying? Well simply put there is nothing more terrifying than a slain janitor seeking revenge in teenagers dreams especially for a teenager. I guess you should learn from this to be nice to everyone including the school janitor if you’re a mean person in general, but either way, it makes one terrifying movie for a horror movie marathon and some amazing nail art. One of my favorite versions of A Nightmare on Elm Street nail art is from Instagrammer Kimberlyharr, a real nail art enthusiast. Here is her lovely long nail design inspired by A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The Exorcist is one of the most famed horror movies of all time! In 1973 one of the scariest horror movies of all-time hit the big screen. The Exorcist, at the time, was so outrageous for language and props that people literally got sick in the movie theatre and started throwing up while watching The Exorcist. One of the scariest things about this movie is that it’s actually based of a true story about a little boy who had to be exorcized by the Catholic church. Whether you’re religious or not this movie will still chill you down to the bones. And although it was made in 1973 it still strikes fear into most horror movie enthusiasts today, which is saying a lot. That being said these are probably one of my favorite classic horror movie nails around. I could also be biased because I love The Exorcist. Exorcist These nails are inspired by Instagrammer Robinmosesnailart.

This movie may not be horrifying or scary, but it definitely is a classic ever since Hocus Pocus came out in the 1990’s. Every year my family and I make it a tradition to watch this movie at least twice. I must admit I may watch it a few more times than twice (don’t tell my family). This Disney film won my heart as a child and it still warms my heart to this day. Nothing better than the comical lines, musical numbers and some of the best witches and the black cat is known to October! Just remember only a virgin can light the candle, but you can definitely make these nails yours. Your nails may even “Put a spell” on others they are so perfect with this look from Instagrammer Justimaginenails!

The Ring may not be a classic movie, but it is one any middle schooler or high schooler from the early 2000s remembers very well! Not only was it a big deal here in the USA, but it started as a big deal over in Japan with the original movie “RINGU”. I have seen both versions of the movie and both are equally creepy and scary. Still, there was nothing worse than in the early 2000s thinking that watching a VHS tape could kill you. Today it would be a DVD, but perhaps that’s why we quickly got rid of our VHS tapes after the early 2000s. The Ring definitely did that to us. And there was nothing scarier than that girl with the long black hair crawling out of the T.V. to come kill you. Samara scared the crap out of us, but these nails are so elegantly and horrifyingly well done that people will gasp from fright and amazement at your manicured nails. The art is by Instagrammer kpandaanails.

Chucky the doll is a horrifying character, but when Chucky and his Bride came out the plot thickened. Nothing scarier than child’s play gore. After all, a doll coming to life was scary enough, but two dolls coming to life and going on a killing spree is even scarier. These nails will be blood chilling on an October day! Inspired by Robinmosesnailart on Instagram these nails are better than child’s play: