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How to do Hairstyle in just 2 Minutes

Hello, Deeksha beauty is back with another video which is based on How to do Hairstyle in just 2 Minutes. These hairstyles given below are the most simple and the easy ones which you can give a try
in the day to day life. It will hardly take 2 minutes which is not a difficult task for anyone.

Have a look:

1) For every day look you can try this out as shown in the video. Firstly take your fingers
and roll the front hair and take it backside by rolling and using a bob pin, tighten it up.
Then with the help of your fingers, do pull out some strands of hair in order to
complete the look.

2) For the second step, take your fingers and keep the hairs up and then roll it and make
a half messy bun type and tighten it with suitable bob pins. Same as before take out
some strands of hair in order to keep a messy look. This look is just so simple, subtle
and glamorous.

3) In the next step, you have to take a portion of hair and then tie it with the help of a
rubber band tightly. After that pull the hair from the pony tail in such a way that from
the front portion, it looks quite voluminous. This is a great hairstyle for every day
look which is very simple and easy.


Check the full video for more details:

Article Source: Deeksha Beauty