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How To Know When It’s Finally Time To Change Your Workout Routine

Okay, so let me start by saying everyone exercises differently. Some people lose weight easily, some people gain muscle easily – it’s all dependent on who you are. With that said, there are very clear signs that prove it’s time to change up your workout routine to make sure you can really see the results you want

Here are 7 signs that prove you’re in a workout rut and it’s time for a change:

You’re Bored

Working out shouldn’t be boring. In fact, it should be fun…or at least interesting. If you dread going to the gym, that’s a sure-fire sign it’s time to change your routine. Clearly, what you’re doing isn’t exciting you. Working out should be exciting! After all, you’re supposed to be working to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Did you forget to set goals? Have you stopped trying to achieve them? Or, have you already surpassed them? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, definitely consider spicing up your workout routine!

You’re Not Seeing Any Improvement

One of the reasons, why it’s so important to change up your workout routine, is because that’s the only way to really, truly, see results. Your body gets used to doing the same exercises and therefore, it’s not challenged. So, nothing happens. If you make slight changes to your workouts (whether that’s running instead of walking or adding more weights to your arm extensions), you’ll see improvement.

Or, Your Improvement Is Very Specific

Your legs look AMAZING but your arms can barely lift 5 lbs without feeling weak. What does that mean? You’re paying way too much attention to your legs and your arms are suffering. Maybe your go-to workout is SoulCycle. Nothing wrong with that, except SoulCycle, isn’t going to do much to tone your arms. You don’t want your body to look un-proportional, do you? Then, add yoga to your regimen or maybe just work out your arms with weights at your own home.

You Only Workout Alone At The Gym

Even if you switch up what you do at the gym, in terms of what exercises you do on what days, you still might become bored. That can happen. Which is why you shouldn’t just switch up your workout routine, you should also switch up where you do it! Maybe only go to your gym a couple times a week and workout alone. The rest of the time, try taking a few group exercise classes or going to the park with a few friends to work out. No one ever said the only way to get a good workout was at the gym!

You’re Constantly Sore

Being sore can be a good sign, it means you’re working your muscles. However, you shouldn’t always be sore. That’s a sign you’re overworking your body which is a great way to end up with permanent damage. If you wake up sore more than you wake up feeling good, you need to relax a little bit at the gym. Take a couple days off. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you’re taking care of your body!

You Feel Like You Spend Too Much Time At The Gym

Are you going to the gym every single day? You might think that proves how committed you are, but there’s really no reason why you should be working out that much. Unless, of course, that’s the only way you can see results. Which means you’re probably not doing total-body circuits. These workouts target the entire body in a single workout. It might sound easy but it’s actually incredibly difficult. You have to alternate between upper body exercises, lower body exercises, while also pushing and pulling your body to work your entire body.

You Want Different Results

Maybe your focus used to be on toning your legs and now, all you want are abs. That means you’re going to have to change up your routine! You’re going to need to add ab workouts in addition to what you already do. Now, this doesn’t mean you should stop working out your legs because if you stop, they’ll go back to where they were before you started. Just change your focus a little while still making sure you’re maintaining.

You’re Not Feeling The Burn

What’s the burn? It’s that feeling you have in your muscles where you just want to quit, but you know you can’t because the satisfaction you’ll feel is just too good. That’s the burn. It means you’re working out! And the only way to feel that is to make sure you’re actually pushing yourself. If you spend your workouts singing along to whatever song is playing and barely sweating, there’s no way you’re going to feel the burn. Which means you need to change up your routine to make sure you’re actually doing something!