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Is He Lying? These Body Language Clues Will Help You Find Out!

People lie, it’s something we’re all guilty of. Some people tell white lies, some people tell big lies. White lies aren’t always that big of a deal but big lies? Those can be destructive. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell if someone’s lying to you. Regardless of how close you are to them, even if they’re your significant other, reading their deception can be tricky. Which is why it’s important to be observant and really focus on body language. Do you think your boyfriend is lying to you? Here are 10 clues that’ll help you know for sure:

His Gestures Don’t Match His Words

More often than not, our body langue matches up with what we’re feeling and saying. If your boyfriend says “no” but is nodding his head up and down as if he’s saying “yes,” he might be lying. If he’s saying “yes” but shaking his head left and right as if he’s saying “no,” he might be lying. It’s important to look at his gestures when you ask him specific questions. More often than not, gestures match up with words. If they don’t, that could mean something’s up.

He Provides A Little Too Much Information

Maybe you asked him what he did last night and instead of saying, “I went out with friends.” He tells you this long story about what he and his friends did. He goes into a lot of detail, so much so that it’s a little suspicious. If your boyfriend typically provides you with a lot of information, this might not be that big of a deal. But if he’s usually a little more low key and now you’re getting the story of his life — there’s probably a reason…he’s lying. A guy who can’t stop rambling on about something is a guy with a secret.

Or, Not Enough Information

You’re asking him questions and, for whatever reason, he can’t seem to answer. That’s kind of weird! He should be able to tell you where he went the night before and what he did, right? If he can’t, or he’s stumbling to answer, simple questions about his day to day he’s probably lying.

He Keeps Touching His Face

Liars often try to cover their face when they’re telling a lie. Does he keep touching his nose? His mouth? His forehead? Pay attention to those small movements. It’s one thing if he itches his nose once or twice while you two are talking, it’s another if he continuously keeps touching his nose. That most likely means he’s subconsciously trying to hide his face from you, so you won’t be able to tell he’s being untruthful.

His Voice Changes

Some people unintentionally raise their voice when they lie. Why? Once again, it’s their body working against them. If your boyfriend’s voice all of a sudden gets higher and he seems more passionate about what he’s saying (even though what he’s saying isn’t anything to be passionate about) he’s probably lying.

He Doesn’t Look You In The Eye

Odds are, you’ve heard this one before — not being able to make eye contact is a huge sign! If you’re speaking to your boyfriend and he looks everywhere but at your face when he answers, he’s probably lying. People avoid eye contact when they’re lying because they’re afraid the person they’re lying to will be able to tell they’re being untruthful. I’m not saying he should be staring into your eyes at all times, but that doesn’t mean he should be looking everywhere but at you when he’s speaking.

He Becomes Super Defensive

Let’s say you ask him a question. Instead of just answering normally, he becomes defensive and angry. That’s a red flag! Even if you straight up asked him if he’s cheating on you, he shouldn’t respond that way. He should say “no.” He shouldn’t go into a dramatic rant about how he’s the perfect guy and “how dare you ever doubt him.” That’s something cheaters say.

He Stands Very Still

A lot of people are under the impression that if someone’s lying they fidget and move around. While that might be the case for some people, it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t move at all. They stand very still…a little too still. If your boyfriend is standing so still he almost looks like a statue, you should take notice of that.

He Keeps Repeating Words

Whether he’s repeating your words or his own, there’s something to be said about someone who keeps saying the same thing in a conversation. Either he’s trying to convince you what he’s saying is factual or he’s trying to buy himself time to think of a lie you’ll believe. The same can be said about talking slowly. If your boyfriend is taking these big gaps between his words and sentences, he’s probably trying to think of what to say next. Which means….he’s lying!

He Does Something Not Natural

Lying isn’t natural — which is why our bodies typically work against us when we lie. Whether that’s a twitch, pulling on the ear, or putting our hands behind our back; it’s usually pretty obvious to tell if someone’s lying by paying attention to their gestures. Especially a significant other. You know them pretty well, so if they do something that’s a bit out of the normal when they speak to you, don’t ignore that.