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These days we all know that every girl always wants to have a stunning hairstyle. But to have this dream come true there is a challenge and that is the busy schedule and routine of the life. Here are various methods or hacks so that women can get a very good hairstyle.

  1. Get rid of static with dryer sheet that has been put on the hairbrush.

Give a quick swipe of the brush with the help of dryer sheet and this will produce an unwanted static electricity and will help in removing static.

  1. Get rid of white hairs sitting at home.

As well know that butter helps to prevent further greying of the hair and massaging the roots of the hair few time in a week helps in getting rid of the white hairs.

  1. The best hair brush for the hair
  2. Purple size paddle brush – this is for the girls on the go.
  3. Paddle brush – it is used for scalp simulation, detangling and rough drying.
  4. Small natural bristle – it helps in smoothing bangs and is best used with short hairs.
  5. Vented metal round – it helps to add lifts and also helps in curling the ends and also helps in speed blow drying.
  6. Extension brush – looped bristles won’t catch on the extensions.
  7. Blow dry brush – this is a combination of a brush and a blow dryer and also helps in speed dry blowing.
  8. Medium diagonal bristle – it helps in making waves and adding volume to hair and defining layers.
  9. Largely mixed bristle – it helps in subtle bending of hair and fullness and also helps in straightening.
  10. Smoothing – scalp stimulation is done and also detangling and also helps in smoothing updos.
  11. Natural bristle paddle – it helps in straightening and smoothing.
  12. Straightening brush – it helps in grabbing hair and little coordination is needed that is assisting in straightening.    
  13. Turn Your Bobby Pins Into Sticky Bobby Pins If You Have Slippery Straight Hair.

Girls will need a paper towel and hairspray and bobby pins.

We need to place the pins on a towel and spray with hairspray or dry shampoo. Grab corners of the towel and then shake to distribute hairspray and dry a little before using.