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Know which hairstyle is the best for you according to your Zodiac sign!

The hair increases a woman’s beauty. It is considered to be one of the favourite assets of a woman. Every woman loves her hair and trying differemt styles like curling, straightening, rolling etc. Have you ever given a thought to have a hairstyle according to your zodiac sign ?

If not let’s have a look.


Aries girls have long beautiful healthy hair. Aries are adventorous and like exploring different hairstyles. They can go with any funky look!


Taurus girls aren’t much on spending and short hair suits them the best! Razor cut, Blunt bob or shaggy pixie are really well off.


Gemini girls get bored easily and love experimenting. Try fringes, roughs, steps, layers, pixies, they will work the best for you !


Cancer girls are charming, elegant and graceful and the hairstyles that suit them are the simple ones like ponytails, soft curls or braids.


Leos have long and thick but unmanageable hair. You are always in the limelight so try going for a manageable hair like long layers, long curls, bob cuts.


Virgos are the perfectionist. Try going for long braids, neatly brushed straight hair or slightly messy buns.


Libra are gentle, balanced and innovative. Try going for chignons or swept curls.


Go for braids, straight locks, bobs and cropped hair to match your personality.


Saggitarians are free spirited and adventorous. Try out uneven cuts, bright streaks or funky ponytails.


Try chignons, shoulder length loose hair, or ponytails to highlight your locks.


They are creative, free spirited and independent who love changing hairstyles. Try assymetrical bobs, bangs, bright streaks or curls.


They are shy, dreamy souls and sensitive and loves going with the flow. Best hairstyles for them would be long braids, wispy braids, long thin curls and ponytails.