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Makeup Cleansing Wipes That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Makeup cleansing wipes are great but they shouldn’t replace cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Why? Because they’re not actually washing your face! Sure, they’re removing some makeup, dirt, and grime from your skin but that doesn’t mean they’re reliable. If makeup cleansing wipes are your go-to, you might want to rethink your beauty regimen. With that said, these cleansing wipes aren’t bad to use on your skin. They’re actually great when you’re running around all day and in need of a quick refresh!

Wondering what makeup cleansing wipes are the best? Here are a few must-haves:

Burt’s Bees Facial Towelettes With White Tea Extract

These cleansing wipes are perfect for any skin type; even sensitive skin. Specifically meant to remove makeup and dirt, Burt’s Bees is known for creating products that are natural, effective, and affordable. What’s even better about these wipes is that they contain white tea extract, aloe, and cucumber. Ingredients that will soothe your skin while also removing the build-up dirt!

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes

Aveeno has been around forever! This beauty-brand is an absolute favorite and that’s because it really nourishes the skin. These makeup wipes are no different. They actually leave skin feeling pretty dang fresh. They also contain Calming Feverfew, which is an ingredient similar to chamomile which means your skin will be soothed and left feeling nourished and hydrated.

CeraVe Makeup Removing Cleanser Cloths

Honestly, why wouldn’t you use these cleanser cloths? CeraVe is a dermatologist favorite. This brand offers cleansers, lotions, washes, and even makeup removing cleanser cloths. Although I’m not a HUGE fan of CerAve, I will say this brand is very good for sensitive, dry, and oily skin. And there’s a reason dermatologists approve — these products work without causing irritation.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

These bamboo face wipes contain the brand’s 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic formula that pretty much does everything; cleans, exfoliates, soothes, and hydrates. These wipes contain aloe, green tea, and willow bark which are skincare must-haves because they reduce the appearance of redness while also soothing the skin. To put it simply, they promote a healthy and even skin tone.

Yes To Cucumber Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes

These biodegradable, non-comedogenic (meaning, they won’t clog your pores) facial wipes will gently remove makeup and dirt from your face without leaving a trace. These face wipes are a little bit better for people with oily skin as opposed to dry/sensitive. If your skin is sensitive, tread with caution. If you notice the wipes are turning your skin a little red, stop using them.

Wotnot Natural Face Wipes

Wotnot is a natural and organic brand I can get behind! Their products are great for people who prefer minimal ingredients and they have a wide variety of face wipes that are suitable for any skin type — whether you’re looking for ultra-hydration, purifying, or normal. Wotnot makes it easy to find wipes that you actually want for your skin.

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Sustainable Beauty Wipes

Not only do these wipes help remove makeup and dirt, but they’re also eco-friendly! Makeup wipes that help the environment are a rare find, but ideal for people trying to live a 100% natural life. These wipes also contain Abyssinian oil which is high in Omega-9, a fatty acid that’s vital for keeping the skin’s surface smooth and healthy.

Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Daily Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths

I LOVE these makeup wipes! Absolutely love them. Witch Hazel has been an effective skin care aid for a while now. Centuries, even. It has medicinal purposes that help people who suffer from skin irritation like redness or acne. Which leads me to my point, if you experience the occasional blemishes these cleansing cloths could help! There’s even a Dickinson toner that can help fight inflammation even better!

Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Blemish- Clearing Facial Wipes

These Yes to Tomatoes makeup wipes contain salicylic acid, witch hazel, and watermelon which make them ideal for people who suffer from mild to moderate breakouts. They’re mostly natural, too, so you won’t have to worry about potentially breaking out.

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Facial Wipes

All Bright Cleansing Facial Wipes get rid of makeup AND exfoliate your skin at the same time! How? These wipes contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which are primarily used as exfoliators because they promote collagen and blood flow. But they can also help prevent acne and also brighten your skin’s overall complexion.

Lumene Sensitive Touch Cleansing Wipes

The best of the best for people with sensitive skin. These makeup wipes are alcohol-free and fragrance-free which make them a very safe option for those of you who can’t typically handle harsh beauty products. Plus, they actually remove makeup — even makeup that’s caked onto the face. It’s not always easy to find makeup wipes that actually remove a majority of what’s on your face, but these do a pretty good job!