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Nails you Need to Rock for Labor Day

Labor Day is a day of rest for all of us hardworking Americans. The origin is to honor everyone for their hard work because Americans are/were considered the most hardworking people. It was also to represent the labor movement. This holiday stands for the strength, prosperity, laws and the overall well-being of America! So why not enjoy your day relaxing and giving yourself a pat on the back by treating yourself to some amazing nails that represent all of those ideals? I have several nail recommendations for your Labor Day weekend. They were the top in a poll so without further ado here are the nails you need this Labor Day Weekend:

Try the red, white and blue with anchors, stripes, and stars. Did you miss out on some pretty cute red, white and blue Fourth of July nail art? Well, don’t worry because that’s exactly why there is labor day. To make sure you can come back from that misstep. The great news is that because Labor Day is made for Americans you can show that American spirit back in your nails. Simply paint each of your nails in a different color and then add some nail art in an alternate red, white or blue color. You should be putting stripes, stars and anchor art on your nails to make these a little special for labor day. Why anchors? Anchors not only represent our navy but also represent strength and the American spirit. So overall, these are the perfect nails for your labor day weekend.

Pro Tip: Put in some gold around your anchors for a pop of metallic color!

Tie Dye nails! Labor Day is about having the day off and no one in American history knew how to chill out better than hippies did! So put some of the American spirit mixed with some relaxation vibes into your nails. Make them look like a Tie Dye shirt or you can make them swirl like the Labor Day fireworks you will hopefully be watching later. Either way, you can’t go wrong with pops of different colors.

Sparkly Red Nail Polish. There are definitely some different colors you can get that have flecks of red white and blue sparkles within the polish. Usually, they will have a main color like red or blue or clear white, but there is a color I personally love for my nails. I wouldn’t go without it for a labor day weekend. Not only does this particular brand seem to stay well (especially because my sparkly nail polishes can come off right away), but the color is perfect for Labor Day.

Diamond Nail Supply is my favorite brand for sparkly polishes! The color that is perfect for Labor Day is called Red Rock Arizona! It is a bright red with tons of blues and whites sparkling through. A few coats of this and you will have all your friends asking you were they got that color.

You can get the color for $8.99 here

Are you in the Medical field or are you going into the medical field? Celebrate this Labor Day with some medically inspired nails. You can have patterns of Band-Aids, stethoscopes, pills and other medical supplies on your fingernails. They come out super cute and anyone who works in a doctor’s office should definitely be rocking these nails. Check out one of our favorite patterns here.

Working isn’t just about pride in your work. We all know that it’s also about making money. Since you’re taking a break and relaxing, but still getting paid for Labor Day you should put money nail art on your to-dos for Labor Day Weekend. Let people know that you really get that paper with gold dollar signs on a green background or mimic an actual bill or coin on your fingers. Either way, people will get the idea that you labor and work hard for your money.

Finally, our last nail art recommendation for Labor Day weekend is smiley faces. Give yourself a yellow base coat and then paint on two black eyes and a black smile. Simple, fun and elegant. It says, “I’m happy to not be working today and happy to be taking a break.” It also just seems very American after the Forest Gump movie? Don’t you think? If you want to spice up your smiley faces, try different colors or trying to be more detailed in your faces eyes detailing. Give them some lashes. After all smiley faces deserve to be beautiful too!

Whatever you decide to do with your nails over Labor Day one thing is for certain. You will be enjoying a day off and hopefully the weekend! Have a Happy Labor Day to all my fellow workers out there!