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Relationship Tips College Students Should Definitely Follow

Relationships come in all forms, they can be platonic and they can be romantic — they can also be somewhere in the middle. You’re going to have a ton of different relationships in college. Some will be amazing and some will lead to complete heartbreak and devastation. But through it all, you’ll learn and grow, which is pretty much the point of college.

In order to make your college life a little bit easier, use these relationship tips to better help you navigate through it all:

Talk To At Least One Stranger A Day

The only way to make new friends is by talking to strangers! If you can, talk to at least one stranger a day. Strangers you’d actually like to become friends with. The cute guy that sits across the room from you, the friendly barista who always gives you extra whip cream, talk to anyone you see and actually strike up a conversation with them. Don’t just say, “Hi.” Ask questions and create a dialogue you can use when you see them again.

Don’t Tell Your Friends Everything

If you’re in a relationship, you might feel inclined to tell your friends all about it. The only problem with that is that your friends probably have opinions — opinions, that are biased and could negatively impact your relationship. Relationships can be messy and dramatic on their own, you don’t necessarily need your friends making it more dramatic. I’m not saying you should keep everything a secret, but I’m also not saying you should share EVERYTHING either.

Make Time For Fun No Matter What

A lot of my friends in college were in relationships. And most of them only wanted to spend time with their boyfriend/girlfriend. They didn’t want to hang out with their friends unless their significant other was going, and they only ever wanted to talk about the person they were dating. It was incredibly annoying and although I understand focusing on your relationship, it’s still important to have fun. Don’t let your relationship stop you from exploring and figuring out who you are. Join clubs, without your significant other, and hang out with your friends. You don’t want to graduate college and regret any of your decisions.

Never, Ever Ride Solo (Or Let Your Friends Ride Solo)

Leaving your friend’s at the bar or at a party is a HUGE no-no. Even if you’re ready to go, you shouldn’t just walk out the door. Make a plan with your friends about what time you want to leave and stick to that. We live in very sketchy times and there’s absolutely no reason you, or your friends, should be walking home by yourselves at 2 am. No reason at all!

Don’t Start A Relationship With Negative Opinions

The worst way to ruin a romantic relationship is to go in thinking negative thoughts. “This is never going to work long-term,” “I’m not as pretty as his ex,” “He’s probably only dating me because he’s bored,” etc. Now, it’s one thing if he’s acting like he doesn’t want to be with you, it’s another if you’re thinking it because you’re scared or self-sabotaging.

Have A “Sign” With Your Roommate

If you share a room in college, you’re definitely going to want to have some sort of POA (plan of action) for when you, or your roommate, have “company.” There’s nothing more embarrassing than walking in on your roommate or having your roommate walk in on you. You don’t have to put a sock on the door, but definitely knock before walking into your room if you know your roomie has company!

Watch How Much You Drink

Maybe you’re on a date or maybe you’re just out with friends on the weekend! Wherever you are, make sure you’re always in control of yourself and your current situation. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fun because you totally should — you should just make sure you’re never in a situation you’re not the boss of.

Stay Single If You Want To Act Single

College is a time to explore and try new things. If you don’t love the idea of being tied down to a person, DON’T do it. Don’t tell someone you’re going to commit to them only to dump them a month later or, worse, cheat on them. There’s a lot of temptation out there and if you’re not 100% interested in someone, you shouldn’t lead them on. The best piece of relationship advice you can follow is this: If you want to act single, stay single — it’ll be way less complicated.

Don’t Forget About The Most Important Relationship Ever

Aka the relationship you have with yourself, that’s most important. It’s great to have friends and it’s great to date, but no one else can make you feel loved if you don’t love yourself. It’s easy to get lost in college with all the commotion going on around you. Take some time for yourself to really make sure you’re making decisions based on the person you are and the person you want to be.