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Summer Colors of Lipsticks you Don’t want to miss out on

Summer may almost be over but the lipstick shades of this season will carry on, so you will want to make sure that you are one of the lucky ones who get these fabulous lip shades to keep you looking like summer year-round. Though it can be hard to decide on the color of lipstick you want to wear in any season, but this year there are some rules to go by as far as lipstick shades for summer. There are some trendy colors and new colors you should be wearing. So be in the know and read on.

Mirrored Nude Lipstick

If you’re not familiar with the term mirrored, it basically means glossy in the beauty world. This popular nude glossy lipstick has gone on an uptick in trendiness over the past year thanks to the fashion industry and the runway! Rhianna even launched her own mirrored nude lipstick or lip gloss product for her runway models in the spring. Safe to say this color is here to stay for the 2018 summer season (maybe even the whole year)! Now no nude color is 100% perfect for everyone so you may have to try a few out before you find the correct color for yourself, but I highly recommend the one in the link below.

Get the look for $15.00 here!


HML Golden Light Pearl Lipstick Water Proof

Gold lips are perfect for a golden summer. Not only are they sparkly, and who doesn’t love some sparkle, but its waterproof for the perfect beach or poolside wear. This rich color will go with any outfit or swimsuit and make your lips look pearly. Get this golden pearly luster all summer long for only about $7.00.

Buy it here!

Hot Lipsticks Metallic

Hot Lipstick Metallic is a metallic lavender blush color that’s great for summer. Lavender for summer is a color that is often overlooked but goes perfectly with all bright summer outfits and colors. Bright orange, red, bright pink, melon, and many more colors or shades go well with lavender. Not only will this lipstick make your lips look shimmery like the ocean, but it will be a beautiful soft color. You can get the product for only $5.00

Buy it Here!


Nyx Professional Makeup Summer Love Color

Summer Love by Nyx has that great beige or nude look, but with a matte finish. It’s perfect for any occasion and definitely perfect for summer. Summer is even in the color’s name. It’s supposed to mimic the color of beautiful sand on a warm bright beach. I think it’s done the job and has given me the “Summer Love” feeling and look. You can pick this particular brand up at your local beauty stores or even your local Target store, but if you’re an avid online shopper like myself simply buy it here!

For around $8.00.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Summer Angel

Not only does this lipstick have a great summer pink shade, but it will rejuvenate your lips! It moisturizes them while looking perfectly fashionable. The reasoning behind this is because it holds Vitamins A, C, and E in the enriched formula. It’s also a lightweight lipstick which means you won’t even know you have it on. Don’t be afraid to constantly look in your phone to see if it’s still on. You might even want to take a few snap chats on the beach with it. I promise though it will still be there on your luscious lips it’s just that comfortable you don’t even know you’re wearing it. Buy it Here for $5.00 

Mermaid Shimmer Gold

Mermaids are a huge part of summer. We all wanted to be one or still want to be one if we are being honest with each other. So when I saw that Mermaid Shimmer Gold lipstick was trending I had to see what it was about. It came out in 2017, but has only recently picked up the fashionable steam! It’s basically a barely there golden shimmer. So if you’re not ready to go super bold with your gold lips then this is a toned back version of the Golden lipstick above. It’s got a hint of gold and a whole lot of shimmer. Basically, it’s perfection and you will feel like a magical mermaid wearing it. It lasts a long time and here is the best part you can also use it for an eyeshadow! Can you say 2 in 1? I’m all about it! You can get this fabulous product for only $5.00
Buy it here