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These Models Have Been Officially Confirmed To Walk In The 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Every year, like clockwork, models flock to the Victoria’s Secret Show casting hoping to be given a chance to strut their stuff on the Victoria’s Secret Show runway. This year was no different! 2018’s casting brought out veterans like Devon Windsor, Herieth Paul, and Barbara Fiahlo who have all been a part of the show for several years now. But there were a few newbies who flew into New York for casting and some of them were lucky enough to make it! Just in case you were wondering who made the cut, here are a few of the models, new and veterans, walking in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Show:

Kelsey Merritt

Kelsey Merritt has just made history! Not only has she been given a chance to walk in the VS show but she’s the first Filipino model to do so (or at least she will be once the show is aired). And she’s only 21-years-old! This young model has accomplished a lot recently, especially considering she didn’t move to the US to pursue modeling until 2017; after she graduated Ateneo de Manilla University with an AB Communications degree. Kelsey is one smart cookie!

Iesha Hodges

Models aren’t just given the chance to walk in Victoria’s Secret show. No no. There’s a lot of consideration! A lot of people think if you’re a well-known model, it’s easy to get in. But that’s not true. Take Hailey Baldwin for example. Justin Beiber’s fiance has gone to several castings for VS and has never been rewarded with a spot. It’s competitive! Iesha Hodges has a similar story, she’s auditioned multiple times and finally, her hard work paid out! She’s walking in this year’s show!

Devon Windsor

Devon is pretty much a veteran of the VS runway. She’s walked in every show since 2013, making this year her 6th time on the runway. She’s even worn wings (which is a HUGE deal). It’s no surprise Devon has had such great success. She’s a talented model, sure. But she’s also 5’11. Which is something all designers love — a tall model!

Shanina Shaik

After auditioning for the last couple of years, and not being accepted, Shanina has finally been confirmed to walk in this year’s Victoria’s Secret show. Good for her! And what a year, Shania just got married and is even starring on the new E! Show, Model Squad; along with fellow model, Devon Windsor.

Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow got her start on America’s Next Top Model and since then she’s been steadily gaining more and more recognition. Case in point, she’s been officially confirmed to walk the VS runway this year. What makes Winnie so special is that she was born with vitiligo — a long-term skin condition that causes patches of the skin to lose their pigment. But even with this condition, she’s confident as can be!

Jourdana Phillips

No stranger to the runway, Jourdana is a fan favorite! She’s one of my favorite models because she’s a role model to people in the African American community. Jourdana is a black model who’s not afraid to rock her natural hair on the runway — even the most iconic runway ever…the Victoria’s Secret Show runway. Jourdana did it last year and I’m sure she’ll do it again this year! Who’s excited to see?!

Lorena Rae

Born in Germany, Lorena Rae was one of “Leo’s girls,” as they call them. Which just means she was spotted out and about with Leonardo DiCaprio and people thought they were dating. They’re not…anymore. But I’m sure Lorena isn’t too sour about that seeing as she was just confirmed to walk in the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Show!

Yasmin Wijnaldrum

Yasmin blew up pretty much overnight when she became the face of Prada at only 17! She’s even appeared on the cover of Vogue Japan. Basically, this 20-year-old has quite the resume and now she can add “walking the Victoria’s Secret Show” to her list. Give it a year, I’m pretty sure this Amsterdam beauty will make history!

Josie Canseco

She auditioned last year, along with Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut. This year, however, she has! And I’m sure her famous parents are thrilled. Josie is the daughter of former Playboy model, Jessica Canseco, and her father is a former baseball star, Jose Canseco. Basically, being famous is in her DNA.

Barbara Palvin

Barbara isn’t new to the Victoria’s Secret Show. However, she hasn’t walked the VS runway since 2012. It’s been a while but Barbara is back and fans of the show couldn’t be more excited. Especially since Miss Palvin is in a relationship with Disney Channel cutie, Dylan Sprouse. The two have been very supportive of each other on Instagram lately which means there’s no doubt he’ll be sitting in the audience. YES!

It’s rumored that Bella and Gigi Hadid will be walking in this show as well. But nothing has been “officially” confirmed (aka there haven’t been any posts on Instagram…yet). So, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the Hadid sisters will be walking the show in November — maybe Kendall Jenner will even make an appearance. Who knows?