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Tips For Keeping Your Skin Healthy This Holiday Season

You can eat, drink, and have fun this holiday season while still keeping your skin in great condition. How? By following these simple tips:

Opt For Red Wine

If you’re going to drink alcohol this holiday season, make sure its red wine. Out of all the alcoholic beverages out there, red wine is really the only “healthy” option. Because it’s packed with antioxidants, it’ll go through your system in a cleaner way than most alcohols on the market. Plus, red wine contains less sugar. Less sugar means fewer breakouts and less inflammation. Just don’t go overboard, though. Try to have only one glass of wine…two tops!

Freeze Your Eye Cream

Odds are, you’re going to have a few late nights. With all the parties and festivities, it might be hard to go to sleep on time. No worries. Eye cream will help solve that problem by alleviating that puffiness under your eyes. For maximum results, put your eye cream in the fridge so the coolness will help further decrease the inflammation.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

You might think you’re protected from the sun while you’re traveling on a plane, train, or car. You’re not! The sun’s harmful rays can still get you, even while you’re 10,000 feet above the ground. Apply sunscreen before you travel and make sure your face is bare while you do. That’ll keep your pores open and receptive to the sunscreen you’re applying…which is the only way you’ll actually receive benefits!

Go Easy On The Makeup

Don’t wear makeup when you’re simply lounging at home or running a few errands. It’s not necessary! Even if you have a few blemishes or discoloration, you don’t need to always be hiding them. Makeup, even the best, can clog your pores and cause acne. When possible, walk around bare-faced so your skin can breathe.

Don’t Try Something Brand New

Do your best to stick to your skincare products. Don’t try your friends’ lotion or pick up a new charcoal face mask “just because.” Use the products you know work for you. The holiday season isn’t the time to start experimenting. You don’t want to cause breakouts and that’s what new products can do. Wait until things get a little less hectic to start trying a retinoid for the first time.

Travel With Moisturizer

What skin products should you bring with you while you travel this holiday season? All of them. No, I’m not kidding. You should continue your same regimen, even if you’re not at home. You should also make sure you’re moisturizing accordingly — that’s an absolute must! As the weather gets cooler, your skin gets drier. Don’t let it! Moisturize your skin!

Don’t Go To Bed Without Tending To Your Face

After you get home from a holiday party, spend some time on your face. Thoroughly wash and cleanse your skin before you even think about getting under those covers. Maybe even apply an overnight detox oil to renew and protect your skin. These oils, especially if you find one with antioxidant grape-seed, will soothe your skin, and have you waking up looking and feeling your best!

Make Sure You Have Ice Handy

Do you suffer from cystic acne? Then you know how quickly it happens. You go to bed with perfect skin and you wake up with a giant, painful zit on your face. ANNOYING. Ice is a great remedy for cystic acne because it can get rid of the inflammation (aka swelling) and help your pimple disappear. I recommend icing your face every day, even when you don’t see a pimple. That’ll hopefully stop the pimples from swelling, to begin with.

Blott Like Crazy

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you won’t sweat a little. The more you run around, the more your skin will perspire. Especially if you have oily skin. Even if you don’t have oily skin around your T-zone, the oil and dirt from the environment will still come in contact with your skin. Blotting papers are an easy way to get rid of that oil and dirt and preserve your skin’s natural moisture.

Watch What You’re Eating

Good skin starts with a good digestive system. I know it’s the holiday season and there are a ton of sweets at your disposal, but be careful. Eating a ton of junk food and sugar will show up on your face via pimples. Especially if you have a tolerance or sensitivity to a certain type of food. I recommend steering clear from food that causes problems in your stomach. Whether that’s gluten or lactose or both. You can still eat, but just remember what you eat will show itself on your face.

Stay Hydrated

Hot water with lemon is a great detox drink and it’s what you should be sipping on every other day (if not every day) during this holiday season. Remember, your skin problems typically start internally. So, make sure you’re purging those not so good toxins and keeping yourself hydrated. Besides warm lemon water, you should also make sure you’re drinking regular water throughout the day.