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Tips For Making Your Long-Term Relationship Last

Every relationship loses a bit of fire as more time goes by. It’s natural, but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin your relationship. The best way to keep you, and your significant other, happy is to keep your relationship moving forward at all times. Don’t wait until you’re in a funk to do something about it. Here are 10 tips for keeping your relationship alive so it’ll be able to last long-term:

Have Scheduled Date Nights

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for six months or 10 years, you should still make time for date nights. Do you live together and see each other every day? I’m sorry to tell you but those nights you spend eating leftovers and barely talking to one another aren’t dates. Make time for real dates, the ones where you both dress up and spend time connecting. Go to dinner, see a show, or just go on a hike together. Not all dates have to be elaborate or costly. All that matters is that you’re spending one on one time together.

Don’t Go Overboard With Communication

You don’t need to talk to your significant other 12 hours a day! Not only can that be excessive but it’s also pointless. Why? Because odds are, neither of you really have that much you need to talk about so you’ll just be rambling and it’ll start to feel like “work.” Texting your significant other shouldn’t feel like a job.

Treat Them Like A Best Friend

Let’s be realistic here, your significant other might not be your best friend. You two might be close but that doesn’t mean you talk to them like you talk to the friend you’ve known since middle school. That’s okay, but you should still be able to talk to your person the way you’d talk to your bestie. They should know your fears and goals. And they should know them because you’re vocal about them.

Try Not Compare

Everyone compares their relationship with other people’s. Honestly, it’s hard not to. And while you might wish you and your significant other lived somewhere different, traveled more, and made more money; you can’t let those feelings of “want” control you. Focus on all the good your relationship has and if there are things you’d like to accomplish, make concrete steps to make those dreams a reality.

Give Each Other Space

You don’t need to be with each other 24/7. In fact, you really shouldn’t be. The best way to become annoyed with someone is to spend too much time with them. Give yourself space from your significant other every now and again. Hang out with your friends separately and enjoy your own hobbies. It’s great to have shared activities but you don’t have to share EVERYTHING with your significant other. Make time for yourself!

Be Aware Of Your Bad Days

Everyone has bad days. Odds are, you don’t like yourself every single day, right? Then how can you expect to like your significant other every day? You won’t. You can’t. But when your emotions towards your significant other aren’t the best, don’t let them control you. Make sure you’re aware that the annoyance and doubt you’re feeling towards that person will past. It’s just a bad mood you’re in, don’t take it too seriously!

Go To Bed Angry

Sometimes it’s okay to go to bed angry. When couples fight, especially at night, there is typically a lot more going on. Yes, you might be mad about something but you’re probably also tired and irritable from the long day. That’s not the best time to fight. If you’re upset, you should make sure you’re in a situation to communicate those feelings effectively and calmy — right before bed isn’t the best time to be chatty.

Look Eachother In The Eyes

When you two first started dating you probably looked each other in the eye on a daily basis. But now, as more time has gone by, you’ve probably started to spend less time looking into your partner’s eyes and more time staring at the screen of your phone. It’s an easy habit to fall into but it’s not good for your relationship. You need to make sure you’re connecting with your partner and eye contact is a huge part of that.

Do Something Nice For Their Friends & Family

Not only should you do something nice for your significant other, but you should also do something nice for your significant other’s friends and family members. A lot of people forget how important family is! If you don’t make time for your significant other’s family, there’s no way you’ll be 100% in their life.

Always Say, “I Love You”

Being surprised with flowers and vacations is great! But, what’s even better is someone taking the time to express their emotions to you every single day. Actions speak louder than words, but words are sometimes needed in order to show vulnerability. Tell your significant other you love them all the time. There should never be a moment where the person you’re dating has to wonder what you’re feelings are. Be vocal!