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Tips For Planning A Last-Minute Summer Getaway

Summer is, unfortunately, coming to an end. Students are going back to school and before you know it, the warm weather will be gone. It’s sad, I know. But there are still some things you can do to enjoy summer — while it’s still here. Like…a last-minute summer trip. Grab a couple of friends and plan a getaway. Somewhere new, somewhere you’ve been a thousand times before, it doesn’t matter. As long as you use these 9 tips, you’ll have a great, spontaneous trip:

Be Flexible

If you’re planning a last-minute trip, you probably won’t be able to make all your dreams come true — at least not this time around. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Just make sure you’re flexible about it. What I mean is, be open. Don’t try to go over and beyond. This is a last-minute trip which means you shouldn’t break the bank. Find inexpensive options and make the best of them. Your dream trip can still happen when you have more time to plan.

Consider Going Somewhere New

The best part about a last-minute summer trip is that it typically only ends up being a weekend getaway. Which means, you won’t have a ton of time. Sure, that might not sound so great, but it does mean you can go somewhere you’ve never been before without worrying. If you don’t like it, you’re only there a couple days and you’ll never have to return. But if you do like it, you can go back for a longer stay another time!

Be Resourceful

There are so many options out there for last-minute travelers. Besides simply googling locations and places to stay, there are apps designed specifically for people traveling spontaneously. HotelTonight shows amazing and affordable last-minute resort deals, Hopper analyzes flights and provides consumers with the best possible rates, and Airbnb has some of the cheapest housing options on the market. Basically, there are so many resources out there. There’s no reason why booking a last-minute trip should be difficult!

Consider Travelling With A Group

Going on a getaway can be expensive; even if it’s just for a short time. Which is why bringing more people with you on your trip can cut costs drastically. I know you might prefer traveling with only one or two other people, but groups can be fun and they can allow you to add more costs since you’ll be splitting them between everyone. Just make sure the people you invite are actually able to contribute!

Be Smart

With all the deals circling around the internet, there’s bound to be a ton of scams. Don’t fall for them! If something seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. Before you put your credit card information down, call places first to double check that what you’re seeing online is actually accurate. (Yes, this is even for those using Groupon). It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Don’t Be Afraid To Bargain

What’s so great about Airbnb (and any of those online marketplaces for renters) is that you’re typically dealing directly with the owner. Which means you can bargain. The prices aren’t exactly “set.” If you think the price should be lower, don’t be afraid to ask. The worst thing they can say is no and if they do, that’s no big deal! But if they say yes, you’ll be saving yourself money which would definitely be worth it. 

Opt For A Road Trip

Typically, it’s easier to plan a last-minute road trip than it is to schedule a flight somewhere. That’s because all you have to do is pack some clothes in a bag and go. You can spend the weekend in the northern part of your state or go further away. It’s completely up to you and your companion (or companions). And thanks to sites like Airbnb you can find an inexpensive place to stay for the weekend without much hassle!

Go Alone

Sometimes, in order to have a fun last-minute getaway, you have to go by yourself. People can so easily get in the way of plans because everyone has an option and usually, those opinions aren’t the same. If you’re not intimidated to travel by yourself, consider doing so. You’ll avoid the drama of driving with multiple people at a time while still having a great trip! Plus, you’ll get to do whatever you want to do when you want to do it. Talk about freedom!

Focus On Getting There

A great deal of the packages you find online include activities. Which might sound great, but that’s why the prices are so high. You don’t need to buy packages, especially if you don’t really care what you do. All you need to do is pick where you’re going and let fate plan the rest. Talk to the concierge once you arrive or strangers in town, they can point you in the right direction. That way, you won’t have to plan that part out. You can focus on just getting there!