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Trending Fall Accessories That’ll Compliment Any Look

A new season, a new must-have accessory! This fall season, however, is bringing more than just one trendy accessory — it’s bringing quite a few. Snap clips, oversized bags, and mismatched earrings; here are 11 accessories you should go ahead and make a part of your fall fashion wardrobe:

Big & Bright Handbags

Bags have been a must-have accessory for a while now. What started with tote bags transitioned to clutches and wallets. But now, we’re back to bags — oversized ones with plenty of room for absolutely everything. Whether you’re a mom of 20 kids or a student in college, oversized bags can come in handy. And luckily, they’re considered pretty stylish. Try opting for a bright colored-one! Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to wear dark colors. You can wear bright ones — yellow, green, pink, and orange are encouraged this season.

Snap Clips

Yes, the ‘90s are back! Snap clips used to be a major fashion staple back in the day — and they’re making a miraculous return. Just make sure you wear them right. Snap two clips, one on each side, on your hair alongside your temple. Don’t be excessive with these snap clip,  though. Keeping your fashion look minimal is still very important!


It’s about silk scarves this fall, but you don’t just have to wear them around your neck. Silk scarves are much more multifaceted than you might realize. You can wear them as headbands, belts, bag straps, etc. And that’s something people are definitely doing this season (according to the runway). What’s so great about silk scarves is that you can tie them in different ways, depending on the look you’re going for.

Baker Boy Hats

Finally, another hat trend! These Baker Boy Hats are fun and although they’re minimal, they can really improve an outfit. Bella Hadid is always rocking these hats and the look is FIERCE. You can wear them with jeans, sweats, printed jackets, denim, and really anything. Simply Google, “Celebrities wearing baker boy hats” and a ton of pictures will come out! Odds are, you’ll get all the inspiration you need.

Dad Sneakers

You know those sneakers your dad used to wear? The chunky ones with the thick-soles? Well, they’re back and you’ve probably seen them! Celebrities have been wearing these shoes with just about everything they own; dresses, sweats, gowns, biker shorts, etc. Although these dad sneakers aren’t exactly the most “it” thing on the market, people love them and they must be pretty dang comfortable.


But not the raggedy ones you’ve had for years. If you’re going to wear a scrunchie (in public) you’re going to want to wear a nice scrunchie. One that actually looks like it’ll do its job on your hair. With that said, you don’t even have to wear the scrunchie in your hair. Rocking a scrunchie on your wrist is just as fashionable. As I said, the ‘90s are back!


What usually comes to mind when you think of autumn? Leaves, right? Well, luckily, leaves are in style. I’m not saying you should pluck them from a tree and tape them on your body. But leaf earrings, leaf necklaces, leaf bracelets, and leaf rings are all very trendy this fall. Which is great because leaves are a pretty good symbol. They’re whimsical and bohemian but you can find pieces that go with any style.

Oversized Jewelry

Speaking of jewelry, a huge fall trend is oversized jewelry. Pieces that might appear too big but are actually perfect. Mega-sized jewelry might seem like an acquired taste (and it definitely is) but it’s something you should experiment with. Not just because it’s high-fashion but because there’s a lot you can do with giant pieces. You can use oversized jewelry as a way to make a statement or contrast your minimalist look.


Did belts ever go out of style? I don’t think so. But the difference between this season, and every season before, is that name brand belts are in. Actually seeking out belts with the brand name on them is a fall trend. Can you believe? I’m not sure if that’s to show off how much money you spent on a belt or what — but if I spent money on a Gucci logo belt, I’d probably want to show it off too!

Mismatched Earrings

You could say fall 2018 style is all about the unexpected AND taking confident risks. Case in point, mismatched earrings. What I love so much about this style is that it gives you a chance to play with colors and dimensions. If you’re going to wear a chunky earring on one ear, you should wear a light earring on the other. If you’re going to wear a long earring on one ear, you should wear a stud on the other. Make sure your ears are balanced.

Statement Earring

Unlike the mismatched earrings trends where you’re trying to pick earrings that compliment one another; the singular earring is about picking one piece, for one ear, that’ll make a statement. So, you’re going to want to pick a rather large earring that can be clearly seen. This isn’t the time to be subtle. If you pick one stud it’ll look like you got ready too fast and made a mistake. Pick an earring that says, “Wow!”