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10 Tips That’ll Save You the Trouble of Washing Your Hair Every Day


Hair is the most important part of your look. Hair is an important part of your appearance as it sets your entire look and enhances your personality.  It adds up to your natural beauty. You know that when you have a very bad hair day it contributes in lowering your self-esteem and self confidence. To get that shine and bounce in their hair women wash their hair too frequently without being aware that it could weaken their hair roots and make your hair dry and frizzy. So to take proper care of your hair you should keep few things in your mind and here’s the list of those things.


1. Watch your menu

To keep your hair healthy you should pay attention on the things you are eating. Instead of eating oily and fat containing food one should add more vegetables and salad to her diet. Eating nutrient containing food can add natural shine and gloss to your hair without using any chemical.


2 use dry shampoo

Dry shampoos are beneficial for absorbing excess oil from your scalp. Dry shampoo is effective for those who are suffering from greasy hair.

. These kinds of shampoo keeps your hair remain hydrated and save your hair from getting damaged. Massaging dry shampoo can also add volume to your hair.

3 Don’t neglect accessories

Every woman loves to keep her hair open but this habit can lead to loss and damage of hair.  Using headscarf can give you many hairstyle options without any damage and it adds up to your personality too. Head scarf draw attention towards women’s face away from the hair and body.

4 pay attention to water temperature

Washing hair with warm water can ease you stress but it opens your head pores which leads to entry of dirt particles in your hair and it can remove moisture from your hair. Cold water helps in keeping your head pores closed which protect your hair from dirt and keep your hair moisturized as well. If you want to take a warm water shower then after this don’t forget to rinse your hair with cold water to keep it moisturized.

5 Put your hair into braids

Braids not only put charm to your looks but also keep your hair locked away from dirt and grease. But the braids should not be too tight as due to tight hair you can lose the volume of your hair.